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1940: The Fall of France. $89.99

Burning Tigers. $79.99

Saipan 1944. $79.99

Snowfall 2014 Golden Journal.

Marianas 1944. $34.99

New Year's 2014 Golden Journal.

Fortress Malta. $39.99

Horn of Africa. $44.99

Russo-Japanese War. $59.99

1967: Sword of Israel. $119.99

U.S. Navy Plan Red. $59.99

Western Desert Force. $44.99

Remember the Maine. $59.99


Frontier Battles. $99.99



The Great War
One hundred years ago, The Great War began with Austria-Hungary's declaration of war on Serbia. We're marking the occasion with two new games available for Gold Club Early Orders, plus three others on sale that are based on the events of August 1914.

Panzer Grenadier: Torrent of Newness
Three new games with the new Fourth Edition rules to Panzer Grenadier are here (and a book!), with five more (and another book!) on their way. Have a look at them here.

Infantry Attacks:
Fall of Empires
28 July 2014: One hundred years ago today, Austria-Hungary touched off the First World War. Our upcoming Fall of Empires looks at the opening battles of the Dual Monarchy's last war.

Red God of War: The Air Force's Army
27 July 2014: As defeat loomed for Hitler's Germany, the German Air Force refused to give its excess manpower to the Army and instead formed its own infantry divisions. They appear in our Red God of War game.

Fall of Empires: The Royal Honvédség
26 July 2014: Austria-Hungary went to war in 1914 with three regular armies. Today we look at the Royal Honvédség, the standing army of the Hungarian half of the Dual Monarchy.

Play Panzer Grenadier Fourth Edition For Free!
25 July 2014: Play Panzer Grenadier right now: for FREE! Download everything you need to try out a scenario from the brand-new Kursk: Burning Tigers.

Guadalcanal: The End
24 July 2014: As the Fourth Age of Panzer Grenadier arrives, some of the older games won't be continued. Today the publisher looks back at Guadalcanal. There are a few left, so order right now.

Pusan Perimeter: Pieces of the ROK
23 July 2014: With Korean War: Pusan Perimeter on the verge of availableness, it's a good time to look at the game's South Korean pieces. They're smooth, scorchless, sootless and nicely thick.

Valhalla Rising
22 July 2014: Every game has its day, and then someday it's over. Today we add six new entries to Valhalla, our hall of fallen heroes.

Great War at Sea: Gunnery
21 July 2014: The designer discusses gunnery probabilities in Great War at Sea games, complete with a pair of optional rules for your consideration.

Frontier Battles: The Needle Gun
20 July 2014: Prussia's wonder weapon, the Dreyse needle gun, was a poorly-made, short-ranged weapon. Yet it helped win the Austro-Prussian War, as seen in our Battles of 1866: Frontier Battles.

Fortress Malta: Blackshirts
19 July 2014: Our new Fortress Malta expansion includes many new MVSN (Blackshirt) units for use in our Island of Death game. Today we look at the history of the Italian Blackkshirt militia.

Panzer Grenadier: Iron Curtain
18 July 2014: A new series page for our Panzer Grenadier alternate history line, Iron Curtain. The third book in the sub-series, Red & White, is due out soon.

The Treasonous Code Clerk, Part Two
17 July 2014:
Dave Lippmann continues the story of Tyler Gatewood Kent, the right-wing embassy code clerk who tried to undermine America's entry into World War II.

Burning Tigers: Scenario Preview, Part Three
16 July 2014:
Kursk: Burning Tigers is now available! We continue our look at Mike Perryman's well-crafted scenarios of history's fiercest tank battle.

Turkish Black Sea Fleet: Scenarios, Part Three
15 July 2014:
Jim Stear wraps up his scenarios for the Turkish Black Sea Fleet from the Golden Journal.

Eastern Fleet: Fancy Carrier Cards
14 July 2014:
Today we bring you nice full-color carrier cards for the British and Japanese aircraft carriers of Second World War at Sea: Eastern Fleet.

The Treasonous Code Clerk, Part One
11 July 2014:
Dave Lippmann returns with another opus, this time about Tyler Gatewood Kent, the right-wing embassy code clerk who tried to undermine America's entry into World War II.

Red & White: The Timeline
10 July 2014:
John Stafford tells us about the 1951 invasion of democratic Poland that never happened, the theme for our upcoming Panzer Grenadier book, Iron Curtain: Red & White.

Pacific Crossroads: Hood Scenarios, Part Seven
9 July 2014:
Jim Stear has another scenario for the battle cruiser Hood, using the map from Pacific Crossroads.

Second World War at Sea: Battle Short Cuts
8 July 2014:
Nick Rider returns with a cheat sheet for Second World War at Sea battle scenario play.

Twenty Years Ago Today . . .
7 July 2014: Karen Kwiatkowski bought the very first Avalanche Press game sold. Today we look back at 20 years of selling fun, and forward to 20 more.

Great War at Sea: Fancy Fleet Card
3 July 2014:
Organize your fleets on this full-color fleet organization card, for use with any Great War at Sea game.

An Army at Dawn: Map Preview
2 July 2014:
Guy Riessen just keeps getting better: have a look at his new maps for the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: An Army at Dawn.

High Seas Fleet: Designer's Thoughts
1 July 2014:
Our upcoming scenario book for Jutland posits that Germany didn't really try to challenge Britain in a naval arms race. But what if she had?

Battle of the Bulge: Publisher's Preview
30 June 2014:
Panzer Grenadier: Battle of the Bulge has been a mainstay of our catalog for a dozen years. As the game's shelf life winds down, today the publisher looks back on it.

Horn of Africa: Fancy Carrier Cards
27 June 2014:
Today we bring you nice full-color carrier cards for the aircraft carriers of Second World War at Sea: Horn of Africa.

Iron Curtain: Red & White
26 June 2014:
John Stafford brings us his Panzer Grenadier alternative history looking at Polish resistance in a Cold War turned hot. Iron Curtain: Red&White has 77 pieces and 40 new scenarios.

Rome at War: King of Kings
25 June 2014:
Sassanid Persia takes on the Romans, Parthians and Palmyrenes in King of Kings, our upcoming scenario book for Fading Legions, with 176 new pieces and over a dozen new battles.

Great War at Sea: High Seas Fleet
24 June 2014:
It's a new scenario book for Jutland, featuring the High Seas Fleet that could have been had the Germans really wanted to challenge the Royal Navy. With 70 new "long" ship pieces.






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