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Maple Leaf Brigade

Birthday 2016 Journal

Invasion 1944. $44.99

U.S. Navy Plan Gray

Defiant Russia. $44.99

1942: The Defense of France

South American Navies

Indian Empires. $49.99

Broken Axis. $79.99

Rise of the Dragon

Kursk: South Flank. $89.99

The Kokoda Campaign. $44.99

Liberation 1944. $79.99

An Army at Dawn. $79.99


Frontier Battles. $99.99



Prices Drop
We've slashed the prices - most to less than half their old price, a couple to under $10 - on 10 of our older boxed games. When they're gone, they're gone for good.

Later this year we're issuing four huge new naval games loaded with ships and scenarios and some other great stuff. Take a look.

Gin Palace: Fancy Carrier Cards
29 July 2016: You knew they were coming: fancy carrier cards for the Agincourt variations of the Golden Journal Birthday 2016 edition.

Great Pacific War: Publishers Overview
28 July 2016: We've cut the price of Great Pacific War in half, and today we tell you why you need this simple yet challenging game.

Defiant Russia: Siege of Odessa, Part One
27 July 2016: We start a two-part look at the bloody Romanian assault on Odessa in 1941. You can fight for Odessa in our new Defiant Russia.

River Fleets: Designer's Notes
26 July 2016: Designer Matt Ward tells us about the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: River Fleets, a limited-edition expansion set of the utmost wonderful weirdness.

Plan Z: The Royal Navy
25 July 2016: In addition to Germany's fantasy fleet, the upcoming Plan Z also includes a huge selection of new British warships.

Birth of a Fascist, Part Three
24 July 2016:
David Lippman continues his five-part look at the early days of Benito Mussolini.

Defiant Russia: Hungary’s Mobile Corps
23 July 2016: The all-new Defiant Russia: Player’s Edition is shipping, and today we look at Hungary’s small contribution to the Axis cause.

Fading Legions: Armenia Between Empires
22 July 2016:
Today we look at the role played by the Kingdom of Armenia during the Fourth Century wars between the Roman Empire and Sassanid Persia, seen in Rome at War: Fading Legions.

The Potato War: Publisher’s Preview
21 July 2016: Today we look at our upcoming Soldier Kings: The Potato War, an expansion book adding two new wars and a passel of new scenarios to Soldier Kings.

South American Navies: Fancy Airship Cards
20 July 2016: You'll have even more fun playing the new Second Great War at Sea: South American Navies with these fancy airship cards. It's shipping right now.

Plan Z: Catapult Ships
19 July 2016:
Next up in our study of the ships of Plan Z, we look at the German Air Force's unique catapult ships.

Invasion 1944: Publisher's Preview
18 July 2016:
With Invasion 1944 now shipping, it's a good time to take a look at this introductory game to Panzer Grenadier, featuring 21 scenarios of combat among Normandy's hedgerows.

Fading Legions: The Revolt of Procopius
17 July 2016:
In 365 and 366 AD, Procopius led an unlikely revolt against Emperor Valens, funded by Constantinople's tax-avoiding one percent. You can fight Procopius in Rome at War: Fading Legions.

Maple Leaf Brigade: Publisher's Preview
16 July 2016: We’re shipping Iron Curtain: Maple Leaf Brigade so today we look at thisPanzer Grenadier supplement. It's exclusively for the Gold Club.

Gin Palace: The Ships
15 July 2016: Today we glance at the eight variations of Agincourt found in our Birthday 2016 Golden Journal. It's a fun thing.

Plan Z: Britain's Revenge
14 July 2016: Our study of the ships of Plan Z continues, this time looking at the potential reconstruction of the British Revenge-class battleships.

Fading Legions: Valens’ Doomed Tax Cut
13 July 2016: Roman Emperor Valens set himself on the road to disaster at Adrianople with a foolish tax cut.

Plan Z: Germany's Fast Minelayers
12 July 2016: Our study of the ships of Plan Z continues, this time looking at Germany's proposed fast minelayers.

Pacific Crossroads: Publisher's Preview
11 July 2016: We’re dropping the price on Great War at Sea: Pacific Crossroads to just $19.99, and today we take a look at this fun little game.

Russo-Japanese War: Russian Cruisers, Part 1
10 July 2016: With Great War at Sea: Russo-Japanese War back in stock with lovely die-cut pieces, we start a look at the Russian armored cruisers found in the game.

Plan Z: Iron Duke
9 July 2016: The best-named battleship ever, Britain's Iron Duke appears in reconstructed form in the upcoming Second World War at Sea: Plan Z.

Mediterranean Ultimate Edition: The Game
8 July 2016: We take a first look at our all-new Great War at Sea: Mediterranean Ultimate Edition, with all-new map, all-new pieces and more than 100 scenarios.

Midway Deluxe: Publisher's Preview
7 July 2016: We take a first look at our all-new Second World War at Sea: Midway Deluxe Edition, complete with special Pearl Harbor map and more than 50 scenarios.

Plan Z: Britain's White Elephant
6 July 2016: We continue our look at the ships of Plan Z, with Britain’s spectacularly expensive battleship Vanguard.

Fall of Empires: The Battle of Kraśnik, Part 1
5 July 2016: As Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires prepares for launch, we continue our look at the 1914 campaign in Galicia with the Battle of Kraśnik.

Defiant Russia: The Chrome
4 July 2016: It's time to release Defiant Russia, so today we glance at the oodles of chrome included (oodles!).

La Regia Marina: The Game
3 July 2016: We take a first look at another of the finest naval games we've ever attempted to make, Second World War at Sea: La Regia Marina.

Fall of Empires: The Story Begins
2 July 2016: With Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires preparing for launch, we kick off a series looking at the 1914 campaign in Galicia between Russia and Austria-Hungary.

South Pacific: The Game
1 July 2016: We take a first look at the finest naval game we've ever attempted to make, Second World War at Sea: South Pacific. It's a new standard for our naval games.


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