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The National People’s Army

8 December 2021: Before East Germany had an army, it had a police force. You can send them into battle in the Gold Club exclusive Panzer Grenadier: National People's Army.

Reichsmarine: The Ships
7 December 2021: The German High Seas Fleet, scuttled in 1919, instead falls into British hands in the Gold Club exclusive Great War at Sea: Reichsmarine.

Pieces of Patton’s Nightmare

6 December 2021:
Let's look at the pieces found in the Gold Club exclusive Iron Curtain: Patton's Nightmare.

Russo-Japanese War: Japanese Armored Cruisers

5 December 2021:
We sing of the Japanese armored cruiser squadron, a vital force in our Great War at Sea: Russo-Japanese War - order it now!

Armored Cruisers: Re-Designing Blücher

4 December 2021:
Our Golden Journal No. 26: Armored Cruisers is back in print, (exclusively for the Gold Club) so let's look at the potential re-design of the armored cruiser Blücher.

Panzer Lehr: Publisher's Preview

3 December 2021:
It's got 27 scenarios and 176 playing pieces and it's free of charge. Let's look inside the Gold Club exclusive Panzer Grenadier: Panzer Lehr.

The Army of Luxembourg
2 December 2021: In May 1940, Luxembourg locked its doors and told the Germans to go away. You can fight the battles in the Gold Club exclusive 1940: The Fall of Luxembourg.

Dreadnoughts: Publisher's Preview
1 December 2021: Let's look inside the very first Great War at Sea expansion book, the Gold Club exclusive Dreadnoughts.

Indian Unity: The Army of Hyderabad
30 November 2021: In 1948, India invaded the princely state of Hyderabad. You can fight the battles in the Gold Club exclusive Panzer Grenadier: Indian Unity.

Java Sea: The Siamese Fleet
29 November 2021: We sing of the Siamese Navy, appearing in its full glory in the upcoming Second World War at Sea: Java Sea - you can order it right now!

Jutland: August 1914
28 November 2021: The first month of the Great War at Sea, a story told in Great War at Sea: Jutland and expanded in the Jutland: Battle Analysis 1914 - you can order it right now!

War on the Equator: The Pieces
27 November 2021: In 1941, Peru and Ecuador went to war. You can fight those battles in the Gold Club exclusive Panzer Grenadier: War on the Equator.

Knights of Granada
26 November 2021: We look at the Spanish knightly orders of Granada: The Fall of Islamic Spain, a free, complete game exclusively for the Gold Club.


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