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Summer 2013 Golden Journal.

Fortress Malta. $39.99

Summer 2013 Golden Journal.

Horn of Africa. $44.99

Liberation 1944. $74.99

Russo-Japanese War. $59.99

1967: Sword of Israel. $119.99

U.S. Navy Plan Red. $59.99

Western Desert Force. $44.99

Hammer & Sickle. $24.99

Plan Crimson. $59.99

Edelweiss. $29.99

Remember the Maine. $59.99


Frontier Battles. $99.99



Stuff on Sale - Really, Really on Sale
Spring is here, and with it huge discounts on 14 boxed games, like:
U.S. Navy Plan Gold. Retail $59.99, sale $30.00
Great War at Sea: Mediterranean. Retail $74.99, sale $50.00.
Panzer Grenadier: Afrike Korps. Retail $74.99, sale $30.00.
You can see them all right here.

Seaplane Carrier Cards
16 April 2014: Great War at Sea: Mediterranean has no display cards for its seaplane carriers, because you don't need them. But now you can have them anyway - in black&white or in color.

Pusan Perimeter: The Pershing Tank, Part One
15 April 2014: Arrigo Velicogna returns with a look at the M26 Pershing, as seen in Iron Curtain: Patton's Nightmare and the upcoming Korean War: Pusan Perimeter.

Panzer Grenadier: Marianas 1944
14 April 2014: Designer Jay Townsend returns us to the Pacific with Panzer Grenadier: Marianas 1944, an expansion book for Saipan 1944 that covers the fighting on Guam and Tinian with two new maps and 30 scenarios.

Jutland: Grand Fleet Organizations
13 April 2014: From Adrian Davis, we have details of the Royal Navy's pre-war plan to organize the Grand Fleet, Channel Fleet and Mediterranean Fleet. You can lead the Grand Fleet in our Jutland.

August 1914: Armies of the Tsar
12 April 2014: Robert Williams tells us about the Imperial Russian Army's organization in 1914, as seen in Infantry Attacks: Augist 1914.

Saipan: The Battle, Part Six
11 April 2014: Dave Lippman continues to tell of the Battle of Saipan, as seen in Panzer Grenadier: Saipan.

1940: Scenarios, Part Five
10 April 2014: After a long hiatus, we resume our survey of the scenarios in Panzer Grenadier: 1940, The Fall of France, soon to be released again in full Fourth Edition glory.

Conquest of Ethiopia: Chemical Use, Part 3
9 April 2014: Lorenzo Striuli, designer of the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia, wraps up his survey of Italy's use of chemical weapons.

Jutland: Battle Cruiser Hood Scenario Four
8 April 2014: Jim Stear continues his series of Great Wat at Sea: Jutland scenarios featuring the battle cruiser Hood.

Mediterranean: Publisher's Preview
7 April 2014: It's the one game at the center of the Avalanche Press universe: Great War at Sea: Mediterranean. Today the designer/publisher talks about the legend. It's on sale right now!

Great Pacific War: Japan's Lost Battleships
6 April 2014: Japan gave up a number of nearly-complete battleships and battle cruisers at the 1922 Washington Naval Conference. Could they have made a difference in the Great Pacific War? It's on sale now - order and find out!

Soldier Kings: Khan of the Crimea
5 April 2014: Crimea only became Russian thanks to brutal ethnic cleansing. Today we look at the previous rulers, the Crimean Tatars, as seen in Soldier Kings.

Saipan: The Battle, Part Five
4 April 2014: The story of Saipan continues in the masterful words of Dave Lippman. The Japanese attack with tanks, but the Marines steal their beer.

Desert Rats: Closing Out
3 April 2014: We're selling off the last copies of Panzer Grenadier: Desert Rats at a steep discount. Today the designer/publisher looks at the game, and what makes it unsuitable for reprint (hint: big paper maps). Order while you still can!

Turkish Black Sea Fleet: Play Aids
2 April 2014: The newest Golden Journal features the Turkish Black Sea Fleet, with 25 pieces and three scenarios for GWAS: Mediterranean. Today we have ship data sheets and carrier cards for the variant.

Conquest of Ethiopia: Eritrean Elephant Corps
1 April 2014: Today we look at the Eritrean Elephant Corps and the tragic death of its founder. Send your elephants into battle in the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia.

Battles of 1866: Austria's Breechloader
31 March 2014: Austria's army went to war with a muzzle-loading rifle in 1866 against Prussia's breech-loader, as seen in Battles of 1866: Frontier Battles. Would a more modern rifle really have helped?

Saipan: The Battle, Part Four
28 March 2014: Dave Lippman resumes his epic tale of the Battle of Saipan, as seen in our upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Saipan 1944.

Golden Journal: New Year's 2014
27 March 2014: There's a new issue of the fabulous Golden Journal, this time featuring the Turkish Black Sea Fleet with 25 scorchless, sootless laser-cut pieces for use with GWAS: Mediterranean. It's free to the Gold Club!

Conquest of Ethiopia: Chemical Use, Part Two
26 March 2014: Lorenzo Striuli, designer of the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia, continues his survey of Italy's use of chemical weapons.

South Flank, Burning Tigers: Soviet Tanks
25 March 2014: William Sariego pays a visit to tell us about Soviet tanks found in two Panzer Grenadier games, Kursk: South Flank and the upcoming Kursk: Burning Tigers.

1940 The Fall of France: Publisher's Preview
24 March 2014: With 1940: The Fall of France returning to print with the Fourth Age of Panzer Grenadier, this is a good day for a publisher's preview of the game, something we missed doing before.

Conquest of Ethiopia: Publisher's Preview
21 March 2014: Italy gains an Empire, loses her honor: it's a look inside the box of our upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia.

Pusan Perimeter: Scenario Preview, Part One
20 March 2014: The North Korean People's Army moves south in this preview of the first several scenarios from the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Korean War, Pusan Perimeter.

Conquest of Ethiopia: Chemical Use, Part One
19 March 2014: Loreno Striuli, designer of the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia, begins a three-part examination of the Italian use of chemical weapons in Ethiopia.

Panzer Grenadier: Fourth Edition
18 March 2014: It's getting closer: the first new rules set for Panzer Grenadier in eight years. Today we have our first look at the series' Fourth Edition rules.

An Army at Dawn: Publisher's Preview
17 March 2014: With Panzer Grenadier: An Army at Dawn nearing publication, today we take a look at what's inside that colorful slipcover.

Panzer Grenadier: Conquest of Ethiopia
14 March 2014: Defend the Negus from Fascist aggression in this new, complete Panzer Grenadier boxed game by Lorenzo Striuli and Ottavio Ricchi: Conquest of Ethiopia. It's coming soon.





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