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Midsummer 2014 Golden Journal.

The Habsburg Fleet. $39.99

Red & White. $24.99

Pusan Perimeter. $79.99

1940: The Fall of France. $99.99

Burning Tigers. $79.99

Saipan 1944. $79.99

Marianas 1944. $34.99

Fortress Malta. $39.99

Horn of Africa. $44.99

Russo-Japanese War. $59.99

1967: Sword of Israel. $119.99

Remember the Maine. $59.99


Frontier Battles. $99.99



Black Week is Here!
Our annual winter sale, Black November features 16 boxed games and 14 books at steep discount prices.

Viking Funerals
Six older Panzer Grenadier games and 12 books face Viking Funerals: they're at clearance prices, and what's not sold off by sale's end meets a fiery doom.

Eastern Front:
Romanian Air Power
27 November 2014: We'll soon retire Panzer Grenadier: Eastern Front, so today we look at the game's Romanian air power. Pick up a copy of your own in our Viking Funeral sale and fly into battle.

Zeppelins/Jutland: All Your Base ...
26 November 2014:
Great War at Sea: Zeppelins, is on sale now in Black November along with the series' core game, Jutland. Today Ernie Wheeler has a zeppelin base variant for them.

Battle of the Bulge: German Tank Destroyers
25 November 2014: Before the year ends, Battle of the Bulge will go away forever in our Viking Funeral sale. Today Jason Rahman looks at late-model German tank destroyers.

Soldier Kings: Toothless Sweden
24 November 2014:
Sweden fought in the Seven Years' War, but few seem to have noticed. Soldier Kings does, and today we have a variant bulking up the Swedes. Pick up your own copy in Black November.

Road to Berlin: Stalin's Storm Bird
23 November 2014: Panzer Grenadier: Road to Berlin is about to meet its Viking Funeral, and so today we take a look at one of the most potent pieces in the game: the IL-2 Shturmovik.

Fronte Russo: Designer's Notes
22 November 2014: With Panzer Grenadier: Fronte Russo on the verge of retirement in our Viking Funeral sale, designer Ottavio Ricchi talks about this masterful tale of the Italian CSIR.

Ten Years of Content
21 November 2014: This week marks a full decade since we started this feature, still unique in the wargame biz (because no one else is stupid enough to try it). Today the publisher looks back on this monument to hypergraphia.

Royal Netherlands Navy: Designer Preview
20 November 2014: The Second Great War at Sea continues with Royal Netherlands Navy, the latest installment in our alternative-history setting. Today the designer previews this upcoming book.

Afrika Korps: Deluxe Beda Fomm
19 November 2014: Brian McCue and Peter Lloyd bring you a huge expansion set for Panzer Grenadier: Afrika Korps, based on the Battle of Beda Fomm. It's all free to the Gold Club.

Secret Weapons: The Last Days
18 November 2014: We're retiring our Panzer Grenadier: Secret Weapons supplement next month as part of our Viking Funeral sale, so today the publisher looks back on this grand title.

Valhalla Rising, Again
17 November 2014: To get ready for some pending retirements after our Viking Funeral sale closes, today we add a few more older games to Valhalla, our hall of departed heroic products.

Edelweiss: Scenario Previews
16 November 2014: With Panzer Grenadier: Edelweiss about to end its run, today we look at its 32 scenarios, in previews Parts One, Two and Three.

Red Vengeance: Design Notes
15 November 2014: We're sending Red Vengeance to Valhalla before the year ends, and today designer William "The Red Goblin" Sariego looks at his fun little game.

The Kaiser's Navy: Additional Scenarios, Part I
14 November 2014: Designer Jim Stear can't stop designing scenarios, and today we present one of the operational scenarios trimmed from The Kaiser's Navy during layout.

Arctic Front: The End
13 November 2014: Our Viking Funeral Sale means an emotional farewell to some of our oldest products, like Panzer Grenadier: Arctic Front. Well, maybe not all that emotional, just a little introspective.

Panzer Grenadier: The Great Change
12 November 2014: As new Panzer Grenadier games prepare for publication, we're removing 16 old ones from the lineup. Today the boss describes this huge shift, seen in our Viking Funeral sale.

Road to Berlin: Design Notes
11 November 2014: Panzer Grenadier: Road to Berlin is facing its last days in our catalog, so today the designer looks back at this impressive game of the war's last year.

High Seas Fleet: Cruisers
10 November 2014:
Our next book looks at the fleet Germany could have built in a more heated arms race. Today we look at the German cruisers of High Seas Fleet.

Panzer Grenadier: Free Stuff
9 November 2014: With 18 Panzer Grenadier items leaving the lineup in our Viking Funeral sale (at enormous discounts!), today we collect a long list of FREE downloads to enchance your play of them.

Desert Rats: The Maori
8 November 2014: Panzer Grenadier: Desert Rats is going out of stock soon, so today we take a look at some of the toughest troops in the series, New Zealand's Maori.

The Habsburg Fleet: The French Navy
7 November 2014: Our wildly popular alternative history, The Habsburg Fleet, adds more French ships to the Second Great War. Today we take a look at the new French warships.

Afrika Korps: The End
6 November 2014: Once the Viking Funeral sale is over, we'll toss out any remaining copies of Panzer Grenadier: Afrika Korps. Today the publisher looks back at this game of desert tank warfare.

Jutland: Fisher's Greyhounds
5 November 2014: Chris Smith is here with a look at battle cruiser design theory. You can use them in GWaS: Jutland, on sale now as part of Black November.

High Seas Fleet: Ship Data
4 November 2014: Our next book, Great War at Sea: High Seas Fleet, is close to launch. Today we have the ship data sheets available for your downloading pleasure.

1940: Grossdeutschland
3 November 2014: There's a special treat today: Peter Lloyd provides a FREE download for Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschland, filling out the rest of the unit as seen in 1940, The Fall of France.

High Seas Fleet: The British
30 October 2014: Our next book looks at the fleet the Germans could have built by 1914. Today we take a look at the additional British ships of High Seas Fleet.

Zee Plan! Zee Plan!
29 October 2014: The German fantasy fleet that never was takes to the seas to battle the Royal Navy in the upcoming book supplement Second World War at Sea: Plan Z.

Winter Fury
28 October 2014: Our game of Finnish-Soviet combat during the Winter War returns! The upcoming Winter Fury on the twin battles of Tolvajärvi and Ilomantsi is now in Playbook format.

Royal Netherlands Navy
27 October 2014: The third installment of the Second Great War at Sea alternative history setting is under construction. Royal Netherlands Navy has 30 new scenarios and 300 pieces.




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