Black November

During Black November, we’ve opened our Vault of Treasures (10 items) and done some other stuff. It’s all for the Gold Club. But you can get in on it: join now and your memberships good for the rest of 2017 and ALL of 2018.

You can join the Gold Club right here.

Vault of Treasures
We’re re-printing ten (ten!) former limited-edition, comb-bound supplements in our new small-book format: 32-page book, one half-sized sheet of silky-smooth, die-cut playing pieces.

Alsace 1940
Alsace 1940 extends the story of the Second Great War to Alsace 1945 (now just $9.99); adding 140 silky-smooth, die-cut playing pieces and four new scenarios. This time we get to use all of the Alsace 1945 map (including all that never-used territory in the lower left) and wage Franco-Bavarian tank battles. You read that right.

Panzer Grenadier: Land Cruisers
Imperial Germany’s massive mobile armored fortresses attempt to stop the French armored spearheads in Land Cruisers, set in our Second Great War story arc. You’ll need 1940: The Fall of France and Elsenborn Ridge to play all of the scenarios. With eight double-sized and 72 merely large silky-smooth, die-cut pieces and 10 new scenarios.

Panzer Grenadier: River Fleets
The Second Great War come to the River Danube. With two new Panzer Grenadier maps, 68 silky-smooth, die-cut playing pieces (20 double-sized ones, and 48 merely large ones) and ten new scenarios. This is a unique game, a Panzer Grenadier naval game, needing only the rules to make it complete (and you can download those for free).

Panzer Grenadier: La Campagne de Tunisie
A historical expansion for An Army at Dawn, based on the French campaign in Tunisia. With 88 silky-smooth, die-cut pieces and 12 scenarios.

Panzer Grenadier: Blackshirt Division
An expansion for An Army at Dawn, in which Italy’s Blackshirt armored division fights in Tunisia. With 88 silky-smooth, die-cut pieces and 10 scenarios.

Panzer Grenadier: 1942 The Defense of France
An expansion for 1940: The Fall of France, taking place in our Long War alternative-history setting, based on tank battles featuring the drawing-board tanks the French Army planned to field by 1942. With 88 silky-smooth, die-cut pieces and 10 scenarios.

Panzer Grenadier: Maple Leaf Brigade
Canada’s crack mechanized brigade fights the Soviets in the 1950’s. You’ll need Elsenborn Ridge, Hammer & Sickle and either Road to Berlin or Fire and Sword to play all of the scenarios. With 88 silky-smooth, die-cut pieces and 10 scenarios.

Great War at Sea: Rise of the Dragon
An expansion set for Russo-Japanese War, based on Imperial China’s never-realized plans for a modern dreadnought fleet. Includes 155 pieces: 90 new ones plus the 65 pieces (25 “long,” 40 square) originally included in Pacific Crossroads.

Great War at Sea: Prizes of War
An expansion set for Jutland, with captured French and Russian ships in British or German service. With eighty new playing pieces (60 “long,” 20 square) and 21 (!) new scenarios.

Island of Death: Return to Malta
An expansion set for Island of Death and Fortress Malta, in which the Axis has captured the island fortress and Canadian and Polish troops, plus U.S. and Royal Marines, have come to take it back. With 180 new silky-smooth, die-cut-and-mounted playing pieces.