12 Days of Christmas
Christmas Season is here, and we have 84 books and games in stock. If you’re a Gold Club member, you can take 20 percent off.

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The Spirit of Christmas Present
We brought out a lot of new books and games in December and reprinted some favorites, too.

Horn of Africa
Sword of the Sea
Second World War at Sea, and the Second Great War at Sea, visit the Red Sea, Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf.

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The Spirit of Christmas Future
Over the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at the fun we’ll bring in 2024.

Panzer Grenadier: Ochi
The 1940 Italian invasion of Greece saw the Greeks turn back the fascist invaders. We tell of this Greek-like struggle with 40 new scenarios and 176 new pieces. The Italians have numbers, and they’re spearheaded by their elite Alpini. They are also have Albanian Blackshirt fascist militia, who are not quite elite, and the rank-and-file of the regular Army units are not eager to wage a poorly-prepared campaign in the rugged and cold Pindos Mountains.

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Rise of the Dragon (second edition)
Twenty new scenarios tell the story of a war that never happened: the 1915-1916 “War of the Dragon” between China and Japan. Based on the actual 1907 and 1908 Chinese plans to build a fleet of dreadnoughts to challege the Japanese, this full-sized book includes 155 new pieces and requires Russo-Japanese War (and only Russo-Japanese War). $34.99

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Panzer Grenadier Fire and Sword
The 1944-45 battles for Hungary; a new, complete game with 52 new scenarios, 913 pieces and five brand-new maps. The Germans have been retreating since late summer but now attempt to stem the Soviet advance and keep their last ally, Hungary, in the war by committing their last reserves to first defending the capital of Budapest and then to break the Soviet siege.

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Elsenborn Ridge Playbook
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Bismarck Playbook ed.
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Winter Fury
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Soldier Emperor
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