New Year, New Games

The year 2017 will be one of great change, and to greet it we have a whole passel of wonderful new toys for the Gold Club that they can order now at thirty percent off the retail price (that’s the Best Price Ever!). These are all expansion books for other games. They are not ready for shipping yet.

Panzer Grenadier: Spearhead Division
Spearhead Division features twenty-five new scenarios by ace designer Mike Perryman for Elsenborn Ridge (and only for Elsenborn Ridge), all focused on the U.S. Army's crack 3rd "Spearhead" Armored Division, with four "battle games" linking them together. This 32-page large-format book also includes background on this famous division and its battles. And there is a special set of 88 die-cut, mounted and silky smooth playing pieces showing the Spearhead Division in its own special livery, enough for all of the new scenarios including some special new pieces.

Ships of Plan Z
Just what the title says, it’s a 32-page large-format guidebook to the ships of Plan Z, both the plan and the expansion set. The new ships of Plan Z, both German and British, are described - those which were completed, and those which never left the drawing board. With 95 new long pieces: the 70 pieces from the old Torpedo Boats set, plus 25 more rounding out the roster of German torpedo boats plus gunboats and anti-aircraft ships. All of them die-cut, mounted and silky smooth just like the pieces in Plan Z.

The Second Great War
In late 1916, Woodrow Wilson brought a negotiated end to the Great War. A generation later, war returned as Russia, France and Italy sought to overturn the results, and war spread to invole Britain, Japan and eventually the United States. This 64-page large-format background book presents the alternative history of the Second Great War: the origins of the war, and the campaigns on land and sea. This is the reference volume for the re-made books of the Second Great War at Sea series, putting their battles and campaigns into the context of this history that never happened.

Second Great War at Sea: Sword of the Sea
The Second Great War at Sea in Turkish waters: the Black Sea, Red Sea and Eastern Mediterranean. The Ottoman Navy and the Imperial Russian Black Sea Fleet are present, along with German, Romanian, Greek and Bulgarian ships and aircraft. A companion to The Habsburg Fleet (Second Edition); Sword of the Sea includes scenarios requiring only this book (plus La Regia Marina and/or Horn of Africa) as well as scenarios requiring both Sword of the Sea and The Habsburg Fleet (Second Edition) (plus La Regia Marina).

Battles of 1866: Blood and Iron
An expansion set for Frontier Battles, with silky-smooth, die-cut pieces for the Royal Bavarian Army and some other additional units, based on Bavarian chief of staff Ludwig von der Tann’s plans to join the Austrians in Bohemia.

Great Pacific War: Co-Prosperity Sphere
Japan in the Long War: economically, militarily and strategically far stronger than the Japan of our reality. This expansion set presents a Japan able to stand toe-to-toe with the United States, allowing players to fight our a war in which either side can win a military victory instead of taking longer to lose, in an alternative-history setting that describes how such an Empire might have come to be, and how war might have followed. With 100 new die-cut, silky-smooth playing pieces and six new scenarios for Great Pacific War.

Defiant Russia: Red Victory
An expansion set for Defiant Russia, based on the 1944-45 final offensives on the Eastern Front as the Red Army swept away the invaders and captured Berlin. Red Victory includes a 32-page, large-format book with game rules, scenarios and background, the 140 die-cut pieces from the old Red Vengeance game plus 40 new ones (for 180 total) and full-color play aids like those in Defiant Russia, but using the beautiful map from Defiant Russia and the same game system (with a few minor alterations) to double your Defiant Russia fun.

Infantry Attacks: Edelweiss Division
An expansion set for Fall of Empires featuring the elite Austro-Hungarian 3rd “Edelweiss” Mountain Division in the December 1914 Battle of Limanowa. With the Edelweiss Division playing a prominent role, the Austro-Hungarian 4th Army counter-attacked and repelled the Russian 3rd Army, ending its drive toward the Carpathian passes. The Russian Steamroller had been halted. With 20 new scenarios and two battle games linking them together, plus 88 new die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces showing the division in its own unique livery.

Soldier Kings: The Potato War
The War of the Bavarian Succession and the Russo-Ottoman War for Soldier Kings, with additional scenarios, new die-cut playing pieces, and a full-color map extension covering the borderlands between the river Dnestr and the Caspian Sea. Plus all the usual background and game variants.

Panzer Grenadier: Grossdeutschland 1944
An expansion set for Broken Axis featuring the German Grossdeutschland Panzer Grenadier Division. With 20 scenarios and 88 new die-cut- silky-smooth pieces.

Second Great War at Sea:
The Habsburg Fleet (2nd Edition)

A new edition of The Habsburg Fleet, with more scenarios and silky-smooth, die-cut pieces.

Great War at Sea: Triple Alliance (2nd Edition)
A new edition of Triple Alliance, with more scenarios and silky-smooth, die-cut pieces.

Second World War at Sea: Black Sea Fleets
A new edition of Black Sea Fleets, with more scenarios organized in our story-arc fashion and the original die-cut pieces.