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Beyond Normandy




1815: The Second Coming
A Scenario for Soldier Emperor

by William Sariego


It is 1815 and the Crowned Heads are happily redrawing the map of Europe, making the world safe for Divine Right monarchy. Petty nationalism comes close to igniting war between the powers, especially over Prussia’s desire to annex Saxony.

Then the Corsican Ogre embarks on his last journey. . . .


Player Alignments

In a game with fewer than seven players, modify the player assignments as follows: In a two-player game, one player controls Britain and Prussia rather than Britain and Russia as per the Soldier Emperor scenario booklet. In sub-version A of the three-player game, the assignments are France and Britain as stated, but substitute Prussia for Austria.

Time Frame

The game starts in spring 1815 and ends at the start of winter 1815, unless someone plays a “Winter Campaign” event card. The player with the highest net victory point-gain at the end of the game is the winner.

Starting Forces

Each country begins with the forces listed below. They may set up in any home area. Each player rolls two dice. High roller sets up one unit or leader, and setup proceeds clockwise around the table with each player setting up one unit or leader until all pieces are placed.

  • Austria: Schwarzenberg, Frimont, 12 armies, 1 fleet (Charles, John, and Mack are removed from play).
  • Britain: Wellington, Collingwood, 5 armies, 7 fleets (Nelson, Moore, and Jervis are removed from play).
  • France: Napoleon, Ney, Jerome, Soult, one 5-3 army, 15 armies, 4 fleets (Villenueve, Eugene and Massena are removed from play).
  • Prussia: Blucher, Yorck, 10 armies (Hohenlohe and Brunswick are removed from play).
  • Russia: Alexander, Barclay, 15 armies, 3 fleets (Kutusov, Kamensky, and Senyavin are removed from play).
  • Spain: Blake, Cuesta, 8 armies, 1 fleet (Palafox, Gravina, and Castanos are removed from play).
  • Turkey: Ahmed, Kuschanz Ali, 10 armies, 2 fleets (Ebubekir, Pechlivan, Bayrakdar, and Seyit Ali are removed from play).

Starting Money and Manpower

  • Austria: 30 Manpower, 30 Money
  • Britain: 20 Manpower, 45 Money
  • France: 33 manpower, 35 Money
  • Prussia: 20 Manpower, 20 Money
  • Russia: 45 Manpower, 30 Money
  • Spain: 20 Manpower, 30 Money
  • Turkey: 30 Manpower, 35 Money

Minors Special Rules and Territory

Naples is a French Minor Ally with Murat and 2 armies.

Holland is a British Minor Ally with Orange, 1 army and 1 fleet.

Prussian Control Markers are placed on Kleves, Mecklenburg and Baden.

Austrian Control Markers are placed on Etruria and Piedmont.

Russian Control Markers are placed on Moldavia, Abkhazia, Finland and Daghestan.

British Control Markers are placed on Corfu and Sicily.

Norway is part of Sweden.

Remove all Minor Country creation cards.

The Sultan has been Overthrown and the Cossacks have Revolted.

Napoleon has been captured once, thus losing his combat bonus.

Murat is considered the King of Naples, and can never control more French armies than Neapolitan ones.

The Vendee is in revolt. Unless a French army is physically present, the French player is -4 Victory Points in the Victory Phase even if Vendee is not controlled by another player.