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Indian Empires: The Leaders
22 October 2021: It's the leaders who drive the action in Soldier Emperor: Indian Empires - it's available right now!

Fire in the Steppe: The Battle, Part Five
21 October 2021: The story of the Brody-Dubno tank battle continues in the scenario set from Panzer Grenadier: Fire in the Steppe - it's available right now!

Black Panthers: 761st Scenario Preview, Part Three
20 October 2021: Let's continue our look at the scenarios for the African-American 761st Tank Battalion, theme of Panzer Grenadier: Black Panthers - it's available right now!

Defending Australia: Modifiable Ship Data Sheets

19 October 2021:
Jeffrey Staben presents Excel-format ship data for the fourteen scenarios of our Coral Sea: Defending Australia Campaign Study - it's available right now!

River Battleships: Scenario Preview, Part Three

18 October 2021:
We continue our look at the scenarios for the upcoming Panzer Grenadier: River Battleships - order now!

Road to Dunkirk: Britain's 25-Pounder
17 October 2021: We delve into the British Army's workhorse 25-pounder field gun, seen in Panzer Grenadier: Road to Dunkirk - it's available right now!

Africa Orientale Italiana: Down in Jubaland
16 October 2021: We're bringing Panzer Grenadier: Africa Orientale Italiana back into print soon, so today we look at the British invasion of Italian Somaliland.

Eastern Fleet: Indian Ocean Stakes
15 October 2021: We ask why the Japanese sortied into the Indian Ocean in the spring of 1942, the these of Second World War at Sea: Eastern Fleet - it's available right now!

Plan Z: German Battle Cruisers
14 October 2021: We look at the proposed German battle cruisers of Plan Z, seen in the new book edition of Second World War at Sea: Plan Z - it's available right now!

Fire & Sword: The War's Last Winter
13 October 2021: Designer Philippe Léonard compares his upcoming Panzer Grenadier designs, Fire & Sword and Ardennes 1944.

Black Panthers: The 761st Tank Battalion, Part Four
12 October 2021: We continue the story of the 761st Tank Battalion, the theme of Panzer Grenadier: Black Panthers - it's available right now!

Elsenborn Ridge: Publisher's Preview
11 October 2021: We've brought back Panzer Grenadier: Elsenborn Ridge in a Playbook edition, so let's have a look inside - it's available right now!

Rising Sun 1940: The Story

10 October 2021:
Let's talk about the story in our new Campaign Study, Midway: Rising Sun 1940 - it's available right now!


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