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Our news page is now open with news. See it right here (updated 14 November 2023).

Daily Content

Dogger Bank: Author’s Notes
1 December 2023: The designer bores us with another ramble about history in our upcoming Jutland: Dogger Bank 1915. You can order it right here.

South Pacific: Scenario Video Replays

30 November 2023: Matt Brown is back with two video replays of scenarios from Second World War at Sea: South Pacific.You can order South Pacific right here.

Plan Z: The Situation
29 November 2023: We dive into the background story of the newly-reprinted alt.history expansion set, Second World War at Sea: Plan Z - you can order it right here.

Java Sea: Force Z, Part Two
28 November 2023: We conclude the tale of the loss of the British Force Z, seen in our upcoming Second World War at Sea: Java Sea. You can order it here.

North Sea: Design Notes
27 November 2023: The designer bores us with a ramble about history and game design in our new Jutland: North Sea 1914. You can order it right here.

Atlantic Marines: Publisher’s Preview
26 November 2023: We look deep inside our Golden Journal No. 36: Atlantic Marines - you can order it here.

Fall of Empires: Scenario Preview, Part Three

25 November 2023:
We continue a ten-part look at the scenarios of our Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires. You can order it right here.

Bismarck: Rebuilding Hood

24 November 2023: Kristin Ann and Steven Ford High tell us how the battle cruiser Hood might have been reconstructed. You can order Bismarck Playbook edition right here!

Sword of Israel: The IDF, Part One

23 November 2023:
We begin the story of Israel's army, found at the center of Panzer Grenadier (Modern): 1967 Sword of Israel - you can order the game here!

Wine-Dark Sea: Scenarios & History, Part Two

22 November 2023:
We delve into the Adriatic-themed scenarios (with Austrians!) of the upcoming Great War at Sea: The Wine-Dark Sea. The Gold Club can order at a discount.

Russo-Japanese War: Ship Data
21 November 2023: You'll need this Ship Data Book for our new Great War at Sea: Russo-Japanese War Second Edition. You can order it here.

The Cruel Sea: French Cruiser DeGrasse

20 November 2023:
We sing of the French light cruiser DeGrasse, found in The Cruel Sea. The Storyteller's Bookself is a great deal.














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