Online Play Modules

By Andrew Heath and Stephen Chin-Quee
December 2014

Now you can play Panzer Grenadier: Airborne online with the VASSAL engine (module by Andrew Heath) or via Zun-tzu (module by Stephen Chin-Quee). You need to own Airborne 1st, 2nd or 3rd edition to use this module. The VASSAL module allows for play of 19 of the 35 new/revised 3rd edition scenarios, all 20 1st edition or all 21 2nd edition scenarios.

Fill out the order form ($0 purchase) just like any other product and get the module in nanoseconds (a few nanoseconds ... these are big files). So big that we won;t keep them online forever, so like Airborne itself, it's a limited-time offer.

You can download the VASSAL module here

You can download the Zun-Tzu module here

You can order Airborne here