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Tactics in
Fading Legions




Alamein Errata and Clarifications
By Brian Knipple

Terrain Effects
Within Alamein, depression hexes have no effects on movement. Units in a depression hex can only be spotted by an adjacent enemy ground unit. There is no effect on spotting by an enemy air unit.

Scenario 1
2/200/90 and 3/200/90 Light Division units are missing from the setup and should be set up with the division.

Scenario 2
The 6th South African recon battalion should not set up in 0481 (a salt marsh hex, impassable to motorized & tank units), but in hex 1075 (a holdover from the original hexgrid).

In the Italian 133rd Armored Division setup, all Tank Battalions are present (but lose 7 steps). Ignore the “1 x 2-1-10 (morale 4 Tank company)” entry.

The 3/5M Indian Infantry is not set up in hex 41100 (the middle of the Mediterranean), but in hex 36100. Ignore 3/5M eliminated box listing.

Scenario losses do not include units already in the Eliminated and Reduced boxes.

Scenario 3
The 101 Trieste Division 8B Recon is not listed in the division set up, but should be (it is required to be eliminated anyway).

The German 149 artillery is listed as being set up both with Rommel and the 164th Light Division. Delete listing with 164th Infantry Division.

In scenarios 3 and 4, the B and C/551 MG Companies are shown setting up with both the 102nd and 101st Italian divisions. Delete entry with 101st Division.

Scenario 4
The Axis player's allotment of three He111 aircraft should actually be Ju88. The allotment of four SM.79 aircraft should be two SM.79 initially, with two SM.79 replacements available.

In the Campaign Game
The German 1/288 Motorized Infantry Battalion should be listed as in the eliminated box. The 2/200/90 and 3/200/90 Motorized Infantry Battalions should both be listed as setup with 90th Light Division at start.

The British 50th Division’s 505th Engineer Company should start in the eliminated box and the 74th Artillery Battalion in the reduced units box (the 3-1-6 with the division is the reduced-strength battalion).

Leader FAQ’s
Some divisions have a second leader counter besides the one available at start. How do these enter play? These divisions can replace leaders killed during the game. See rule 15.43.

How do these various leaders who do not arrive with their divisions per OOA enter?
See above and 15.43.

How does the British Armor Leader Gairdner enter? Any time that a British armored division leader is eliminated, any other can replace him. British armor leaders have no formation designations.

Leader Counters
Scotti is the named leader of the 132nd Armored Division (Italian) and also the 102nd (Italian) Division. In fact the name on the 132nd counter should be Arena. Counter values are correct.

The British 3R and 3RTR Grant tank battalions represent the same unit; use only one of them in play.

Replacement Pieces
You can download the new pieces here (updated 19 March 2008)

This piece originally appeared in September 2007.

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