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Mapping East Prussia
By Mike Bennighof, Ph.D.
August 2013

When we decided to do a World War One sister series to our Panzer Grenadier games, we put a lot of thought into how the maps should work. At first I thought we ought to keep the map series separate, but realized that many players would want more terrain for their Panzer Grenadier games, and would want to mix them together.

So in game terms, the maps for August 1914 are fully compatible with those from Panzer Grenadier: same scale, and the roads and rivers leave the map at the same places so that maps from either series can be used together. They're numbered in the same sequence as Panzer Grenadier, so the first Infantry Attacks game carries maps numbered in the 40s. I did want the maps to have a slightly different look than those of Panzer Grenadier. The work is by Christopher West, best known in the game industry for his work at Wizards of the Coast, including the maps for their Axis&Allies miniatures game.

I'm really pleased with these maps. Infantry Attacks is a very fine game system, with many more great games to come.

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