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Traditionally, Christmas is a twelve-day feast followed by the Day of the Three Kings (sometimes called Epiphany). Our modern world has forgotten that, but at Avalanche Press we have long remembered, and celebrated the full Twelve Days.

This year, we have special presents for our Gold Club. Four Golden Editions, each with a 16-page booklet and a strip of die-cut, silky-smooth pieces, 24 Panzer Grenadier size or the equivalent.

During the Twelve Days, members can score the Golden Editions for free. We’ll also count orders already placed.

Now, here’s the catch: This is the only time we’ll offer the Golden Editions. We’re not going to sell them later, or give them away again.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Cold War at Sea: Sea Control Ships
What it is: In the 1970’s, Chief of Naval Operations Elmo Zumwalt called for the design of a small, relatively inexpensive carrier known as the Sea Control Ship. These would help protect convoy traffic in the North Atlantic in the event of a war with the Soviet Union, and Zumwalt hoped that the U.S. Navy could build eight of them for the price of one Nimitz-class carrier.

Super-carrier advocates eventually scuttled the proposal, along with the so-called “Air-Capable Spruance” proposed in a USNI Proceedings article to fill the same role (yeah, that was just one guy, but the drawing is ultra cool).

We have both the Sea Control Ship and the Air-Capable Spruance, and the XFV-12 VSTOL fighters that would have flown from them, so you can play with them in Red Sky at Morning.

This is a proposed ship that was actually proposed! Are more little carriers better than one big one? We’ll let you game it out and decide.

How you get it: Place an Early Order for Red Sky at Morning (just the one) by 6 January 2020.

Panzer Grenadier (Modern): Heavy Tanks
What it is: The American M103 and Soviet T10 heavy tanks, retired just before the events of Fulda Gap 1968. You get to un-retire them and use them in Fulda Gap. The American tank (which is also present in Bundeswehr and Israeli colors) is pretty awesome.

These are things that really existed. The heavy tank would be replaced by the Main Battle Tank concept. Was that a good idea? You can see for yourself.

How you get it: Place Early Orders for both Viet Nam: Khe Sanh 1968 and Cold War: Fulda Gap 1968, by 6 January 2020.

Panzer Grenadier: Black Panthers
What it is: Ten new scenarios and 24 new pieces featuring the U.S. Army’s 761st Tank Battalion, a crack unit of African-American troops who fought for 183 continuous days of combat in France, Belgium and Germany. You can play with them in Elsenborn Ridge.

This is a thing that really happened. The 761st Tank Battalion is a justly-famous American unit, and now you can add them to your Panzer Grenadier games.

How you get it: Place Early Orders for both Ardennes 1944 and American D-Day, by 6 January 2020.

Second World War at Sea: Erik the Red’s War
What it is: In the summer of 1931, five possibly intoxicated Norwegians unrolled the Norwegian flag over a stretch of eastern Greenland (Norwegians never fold their flag, they roll it) and claimed Erik the Red’s Land for Norway. Denmark objected and threatened war. Defense Minister Vidkun Quisling (yes, that Vidkun Quisling) ordered the Royal Norwegian Navy to defend the claim.

The Danes asked for international arbitration, which ruled in their favor. The Norwegians grudgingly accepted the verdict, possibly because the Danes out-gunned them at sea. Both sides pondered naval expansion to prepare for a new conflict; the Norwegian destroyers lay incomplete in 1940 and the Danish cruisers were never ordered.

This is a thing that really happened. And now you can fight it out on the Bismarck maps.

How you get it: Place Early Orders for both Wolfpack and Norway 1940 by 6 January 2020.