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The Games Before Christmas
Very soon, our planet’s corporate overlords will start their holiday promotions. Not long after, the other wargame publishers will start dropping the prices of stuff you didn’t want the first time to 90 percent off to see if you might think it sucks less now.

At Avalanche Press, we might not always do the smart thing, but we will always do the different thing:

• We’re not going to run a fire sale. Those other guys really will go 90-off, and we can’t complete with that.

• Instead, we have The Games Before Christmas, and you (yes, you) can order them at a discount.

• You can find some great package deals on Panzer Grenadier games, right here.

• You can find some great package deals on other games, right here.

• You can get much better deals by joining the Gold Club.

• None of these are ready for shipping yet. That’s why there’s a discount. As soon as they’re ready, we’ll ship them to you.

• None of these are ready for shipping yet. That’s why there’s a discount. As soon as they’re ready, we’ll ship them to you.

The Deal
Here’s how it works:

Coupon code JEANINE is good for 20 percent off any or all of the titles below. It’s valid for that book or game until we take it off this list.

• Coupon code WENDY is good for FREE SHIPPING for any order within the United States of $200 or above, through November.

Campaign Studies
Our small books of history and scenarios make your games new again for just $12.99.

Second World War at Sea: Wicked Sisters
In February 1942, the German battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, made a daring dash up the English Channel in broad daylight. The cover story for their preparation had been a deployment to the Far East to aid the Japanese. Wicked Sisters tells that story, 14 scenarios for Horn of Africa, Eastern Fleet and Java Sea (you’ll need Bismarck and those three games to play the scenarios).

You can order Wicked Sisters right here.

Panzer Grenadier: 1940 Polish Exiles
Eleven new scenarios for 1940: The Fall of France, highlighting the Polish Army in France, four hard-fighting divisions and two brigades of Polish soldiers who escaped their homeland and Polish volunteers and reservists from around the world. You’ll also need The Deluge and 1940: Swallows of Death to play all of the scenarios.

For a limited time, 1940: Polish Exiles also comes with the DeGaulle’s Division download, for free.

You can order 1940: Polish Exiles right here.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
      The Deluge
      Lithuania's Iron Wolves
      Legend of the Iron Wolf
      1940: Polish Exiles
Retail Price: $90.96
Package Price: $70
Gold Club Price: $56
You can join the Commonwealth right here.

Infantry Attacks
World War One tactical combat, a sister series to Panzer Grenadier. If you know how to play Panzer Grenadier, you’ll pick it up very fast. If you don’t know how to play Panzer Grenadier, you’ll also pick it up very fast. Units are companies, squadrons and batteries; hexes are 100 meters across.

Edelweiss Division
The December 1914 Battle of Limanowa, the last victory won solely by the Imperial & Royal Austro-Hungarian Army. Edelweiss Division brings you 88 new pieces showing the elite 3rd “Edelweiss” Mountain Division and the Polish Legion in their own colors, and 30 scenarios that tell the epic story of this hard-fought campaign. $34.99

You can order Edelweiss Division right here.

Franz Josef’s Package
      Fall of Empires
      Franz Josef’s Armies
      Edelweiss Division
Retail Price: $159.97
Package Price: $130
Gold Club Price: $104
You can experience Franz Josef's Package right here.

Devil Dogs
Infantry Attacks moves to the Western Front with a complete game of the U.S. Marines famous battles at Chateau-Thierry, Soissons and Belleau Wood. You get two maps, 317 pieces and 24 scenarios – plus the Second Edition rules for Infantry Attacks. Devil Dogs makes for a great introduction to Infantry Attacks. $59.99

You can order Devil Dogs right here.

Great War at Sea
The grand naval game series is back with new Second Edition rules and games to match. Players guide their fleets across the sea, and when contact is made, fight it out with guns and torpedoes.

Remember the Maine, Second Edition
The United States kicks Spain out of Cuba, destroying the Spanish Armada of 1898 and gaining great power status. In Remember the Maine you get to fight for the Caribbean basin in 45 scenarios. $64.99

You can order Remember the Maine (Second Edition) right here.

Second World War at Sea
It’s the most popular naval game series in the known universe for a reason.

Java Sea
The Japanese strike south at the Philippines, Malaya and the Dutch East Indies in a rapid, stunning naval and air campaign. Java Sea includes tith two huge maps, 520 pieces, and 40 scenarios, this is a big game telling a big story. $79.99

You can order Java Sea right here.

Arctic Convoy Playbook Edition
Bitter combat in the cold waters north of the Arctic Circle, as the Royal Navy (with Allied help) tries to force vital supplies past German surface ships, aircraft and submarines on the Murmansk Run. Arctic Convoy comes with two huge maps, 210 double-sized pieces and 340 normal-sized ones, and 40 scenarios in our immersive story-arc format. $99.99

You can order Arctic Convoy (Playbook Edition) right here.

Ironbottom Sound
Ironbottom Sound is a book of history and scenarios for South Pacific, with 36 more scenarios and the rich historical context you love in these games. Add the campaigns in the middle Solomons to your South Pacific fun, with more operations around Guadalcanal including Tassafaronga, Operation Ke (the Japanese evacuation of Guadalanal) and the campaign for New Georgia. The battles of Tassafaronga, Kolombangara and Kula Gulf. $29.99

You can order Ironbottom Sound right here.

The South Pacific Package
            Second World War at Sea: South Pacific
            Ironbottom Sound
Retail Price: $179.98
Package Price: $160
You can order the South Pacific Package right here.
Please allow an extra four weeks for delivery.

Fleets of the Second Great War: La Royale
La Royale is a story book for the Second World War at Sea, all about the ships of the French Navy (the Marine Nationale, known as “La Royale”) in both the actual Second World War and the alt.history Second Great War. We tell you about the ships, and also show you their schematics, just like in the warship guidebooks of the real world. It’s all part of the world-building, to make your games that much more fun. $29.99

You can order La Royale right here.

Storyteller’s Bookshelf
            The Second Great War
            Fleets: Imperial Germany
            Fleets: Imperial Russia
            Fleets: La Royale
Retail Price: $119.96
Package Price: $110.00
You can order the Storyteller’s Bookshelf right here.
Ships late November.

Soldier Emperor
Our grand, sweeping game of the Napoleonic Wars, for two to seven players and playable in a single evening.

Great Powers
Great Powers adds more crunch to Soldier Emperor, with new detailed rules granting special abilities to each of those seven great powers. Plus still more history and insight, because that’s how we roll. $29.99

You can order Great Powers right here.

The Emperor’s Package
      Soldier Emperor
      Soldier Emperor: Indian Empires
      Soldier Emperor: Great Powers
Retail Price: $189.97
Package Price: $150
Gold Club Price: $120
You can experience the Emperor's Package right here.
Please allow an extra three weeks for delivery.



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