Coming Attractions
Our upcoming games; none of these are available yet. We'll announce when they are ready for ordering.

The Emperor’s Sword
Japan and the United States vie for the Pacific with the ships and planes planned and never built (or built too late to see action). With 770 new pieces and 30 new scenarios.

U.S. Navy Plan Crimson
War on the Great Lakes - it's as odd as it sounds. 230 pieces, 30 scenarios, two maps.

Gates of Leningrad
The 1941 German drive on Leningrad, with 33 new scenarios, 517 pieces and four maps.

Parachutes over Crete
The 1941 German airborne invasion of Crete, with 40 new scenarios, 517 pieces and four maps.

Coral Sea: Playbook Edition
The introductory game for the Second World War at Sea series, based on history's first carrier battle, in which no ship fired on (or even sighted) another. Second edition rules and 15 scenarios.

August 1914
German and Russian armies clash in East Prussia and Poland in the epic battles of Tannenberg, the Masurian Lakes and more.Six maps, 583 pieces, 40 scenarios.

Soldier Kings: Pragmatic Sanction
The War of the Austrian Succession, 1740-1748, using the same game engine as Soldier Kings. For two to eight players, with die-cut, silky-smooth playing pieces. Plus there are full-color play aids and “real” playing cards.

Secret Treaties (formerly Triple Alliance Second edition)
What if Italy had remained true to the Central Powers, fighting alongside Germany and Austria-Hungary against Britain, France and Russia? This supplement studies the Triple Alliance war plan with 50 new pieces and 30 new scenarios - you only need Mediterranean Ultimate to play them all.

Second Great War at Sea: Tropical Storm
An expansion for Tropic of Capricorn, adding an additional map, 30 new scenarios, and 80 new die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces.

Panzer Grenadier: The Book of Armaments, Vol. One
It's all about artillery on the Eastern Front, with new player displays, special artillery rules and 88 new die-cut, silky-smooth playing pieces. For use with Fire in the Steppe, South Flank, Burning Tigers, Broken Axis and Gates of Leningrad. $34.99

Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires
The first months of the Eastern Front in 1914, as Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies fight across southern Poland. Austria's Kaiserjäger, Bosniaken, Honvédség and Landwehr face Imperial Russia's Guards, Cossacks and hard-fighting regulars. Six maps, 781 pieces, 60 scenarios.

IDF: Israel Defense Forces
A book telling the story of the Six Day War and the armies that waged it, plus 264 die-cut, silky-smooth , silky-smooth pieces displaying the Israeli units from Sword of Israel in an alternative, blue-and-gold color scheme.

Second World War at Sea: Java Sea
The Japanese Strike South through the Philippines, East Indies and Malaya in 1941 and 1942. Forty scenarios, 520 playing pieces and two large operational maps of South-East Asian waters.

Panzer Grenadier: Grossdeutschland 1944
Twenty new scenarios for Broken Axis (and only for Broken Axis) focused on the German Army's elite Panzer Grenadier Division Grossdeutschland, with four "battle games" linking them together plus 88 die-cut, silky smooth playing pieces showing the Grossdeutschland Division in its own special livery.

Dreams of Empire
A complete game focused on Asia during the 18th and early 19th Centuries: Siam, Burma, Vietnam and China, plus Central Asia and Persia. Can be played alone or together with Soldier Emperor and Indian Empires, includes linking map, pieces and rules.

Rome at War: King of Kings
A book supplement, King of Kings adds new scenarios and several full campaign games to Fading Legions. Shapur II, Sassanid Persia's greatest ruler, takes on the Roman Emperor Constantius II, the Arabs. the Xionites and the Armenians.

Mediterranean, Ultimate Edition
Naval war in the Mediterranean basin, 1911-1923. Over 100 scenarios to use the 560 pieces (half of them double-sized ship pieces) on the beautiful new map. Plus full-color play aids and new Great War at Sea series rules.

Black Sea Fleets, 2nd Edition
This book covers the Black Sea forces of the Soviet Union plus those of Turkey and Romania with 210 new die-cut-and-mounted playing pieces and a wealth of scenarios and background articles. $29.99

Second World War at Sea: La Regia Marina
The Mediterranean Campaign of 1939 through 1943. With almost 1,000 silky-smooth, die-cut playing pieces, two 22x28-inch operational maps and over 75 scenarios in our “story arc” format.

Panzer Grenadier: Leyte 1944
Forty new scenarios for Saipan 1944 (and only for Saipan 1944) devoted to the American return to the Philippines: Japanese paratroopers, Philippine guerillas and more! Plus 88 new die-cut, silky-smooth playing pieces.

Red Desert
Japanese and Soviet tanks clash in the deserts of eastern Mongolia in the summer of 1939. With 420 pieces and one map.

Midway Deluxe Edition
The climactic carrier battle of the Pacific War, with more than 50 scenarios, 700 playing pieces, a large operational map of Hawaiian waters and a special tactical map of Pearl Harbor.

Second Great War at Sea: Sword of the Sea
The Second Great War moves to Ottoman waters in this expansion for La Regia Marina focused on the Ottoman Navy and the Imperial Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Second World War at Sea: South Pacific
The Solomons Campaign of 1942 and 1943. Over 1,000 silky-smooth, die-cut playing pieces one 22x28-inch operational map, a special Tactical Map showing “Ironbottom Sound,” and over 60 scenarios, organized in our “story arc” format.

The Habsburg Fleet, 2nd Edition
Austria wages naval war against France, Italy and Britain in the Mediterranean Basin. With 40 new scenarios and 180 playing pieces (100 "long" ship pieces and 80 square ones) adding the Imperial and Royal Austrian Navy plus additional ships and aircraft (including more aircraft-carrying zeppelins) for Italy, France, Britain and Montenegro.

Ironclads: Hearts of Iron
Naval war in the Mediterranean during the Age of the Ironclads, featuring the 1866 Austro-Italian War at sea, the naval side of the Risorgimento, the Cretan Uprising and many other potential conflicts. Austrian, Italian, French, British, American, Neapolitan, Piedmontese, Greek and Turkish ironclads on gorgeous pieces.

Infantry Attacks: Lawrence of Arabia
Desert campaigns in Sinai and Palestine, from the Turkish attack on the Suez Canal in 1915 through the Fall of Damascus in October 1918. Ottoman Turks aided by Germand and Austro-Hungarians take on British, Indian, Jewish, Arab, Australian, New Zealand and West Indian forces. There's even a tank unit. Eight maps, 869 pieces, 60 scenarios.

Plan Z: Stolen Fleets
An expansion for Plan Z, with 80 new pieces adding the German H41-type battleships plus captured French, Soviet and Dutch ships under German colors. Plus 30 new scenarios for Plan Z.

Jutland: The Baltic Sea
Russian, Swedish and German building programs of the pre-war years come to fruition in this expansion for Jutland, featuring 30 new scenarios and 70 new “long” ship pieces.

Second Great War at Sea: Swedish Steel
An expansion for Sea of Iron, as Imperial Russia challenges Imperial Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Latvia (yes, Latvia). With 140 new doubled-sized, die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces and 40 new scenarios.

Jutland: The Dogger Bank
Sequel to the Battle Analysis. Dogger Bank picks up the story of the North Sea campaign in December 1914 and carries it to the eve of the Battle of Jutland with 35 new scenarios plus history and game-related analysis.

Army of Lappland
The 1941 and 1942 campaigns in front of Murmansk between the Germans and Soviets.
Battles of 1866: Königgrätz
In the summer of 1866, Prussian and Austrian armies decide the future of Germany at the Battle of Königgrätz. This is a huge game.

Battles of 1866: Custoza
Austria’s South Army crushed the Italian Army of the Mincio in the Second Battle of Custoza in northern Italy. How will they fare under your command?