Coming Attractions
Our upcoming games; none of these are available yet. We'll announce when they are ready for ordering.


Hearts of Iron
The 1866 Austro-Italian War at sea, featuring the battle of Lissa, the Cretan Uprising and many potential conflicts in the Middle Sea. Austrian, Italian, French, British, American and Turkish ironclads on gorgeous pieces.

Panzer Grenadier
Kursk, Burning Tigers
Three German Army panzer corps assault the Soviets in history's greatest tank battles. Forty scenarios, four maps, 495 pieces, uncountable fun.

Infantry Attacks
Fall of Empires
Austria-Hungary's last war begins as the Imperial and Royal Army faces the Russians on the plains of Galicia.

Army of Lappland
The 1941, 1942 and 1944 campaigns in front of Murmansk between the Germans and Soviets.
Winter Fury
Two battles of Tolvajärvi: Outnumbered Finns hold off and then drive back two Soviet rifle divisions in the bitter winter of 1939-1940 and elite Finnish light infantry spearhead the offensive of 1941.

Red Desert
Japanese and Soviet tanks clash in the deserts of eastern Mongolia in the summer of 1939.

Battles of 1866
In the summer of 1866, Prussian and Austrian armies decide the future of Germany at the Battle of Königgrätz. This is a huge game.

Rome at War
King of Kings
New scenarios and two campaign games for Fading Legions. Shapur II, King of Kings, faces the Roman Emperor Constantius II, the Arabs, and the fearsome White Huns. This is not a complete game.

Battles of 1866
Austria’s South Army crushed the Italian Army of the Mincio in the Second Battle of Custoza in northern Italy. How will they fare under your command?