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Editor’s Note: Great War at Sea: Cruiser Warfare comes with a great number of optional rules, but these are limited by the mix of pieces provided in the game. Pulling some from other games, like Jutland and Cone of Fire, provides even more fun.

Floatplane Cruisers
Although a deservedly nameless reviewer says otherwise, no German cruiser carried a floatplane in World War I. There's no reason though not to explore the possibility. Before play begins the German player rolls a die. The result is the number of light cruisers (CL) with floatplanes. CLs with floatplanes have a+1 modifier when searching or raiding. Floatplanes are destroyed if the CL enters an area with a storm or when placed on the tactical map (the plane is thrown overboard).

Sword of the Sea
When World War I began, the British seized two Turkish battleships that had just been completed. Had the Turkish crews on hand been able to take possession, they would have been in the Atlantic when the war started. Place BB1 Sultan Osman I and BB2 Reshadiye in Eastern Atlantic. This option releases British Reinforcements (Sturdee, three battle cruisers and one collier; see British setup).

Note: Never considered this one – it’s so gonzo that you must use it. You’ll need pieces from either Mediterranean or Mediterranean Ultimate.

Hell or Hoboken
Much of Germany's merchant fleet sought refuge in the ports of the neutral United States. The Germans hoped to equip them as auxiliary cruisers, but lacked weapons for them and US permission. Each turn the German player rolls one die for each of the following areas: Gulf of Mexico, Outer Banks, Eastern Seaboard, and West Coast. On a result of 5 or 6 place an AMC in that area. Add 1 to the result if a German warship or an Etappe supply base is present.

Cone of Fire
The Germans obtain support from a South American nation. The German player rolls one die and places forces as per the result.

1 or 2: Brazil
Brazil is a German port. Place the following Brazilian ships in Brazil or Mouth of the Amazon:
BB01 Minas Geraes ’08
BB02 Sao Paolo ’08
CD01 Deodoro
CD02 Floriano
CS01 Bahia
CS02 Rio Grande do Sul
PC01 Barroso
PC02 Amazonas
GB01 Republica
GB02 Tiradentes
GB03 Sampaio
GB04 Tupy
GB05 Tamayo
10 x Para-class DD
No Allied coal is available in Brazil or Mouth of the Amazon. British reinforcements are released (Sturdee, three battle cruisers and one collier; see British setup).

3 or 4: Argentina
German port:
Rio de la Plata is a German port. Place the following Argentine ships in Rio de la Plata:
BB01 Rivadavia
BB02 Moreno
AC01 Garibaldi
AC02 San Martín
AC03 Pueyreddon
AC04 General Belgrano
CD01 Libertad
CD02 Independencia
GB01 Espora
GB02 Patria
3 x Corriente-class DD
8 x Catamarca-class DD

No Allied coal is available in Rio de la Plata. British reinforcements are released (Sturdee, three battle cruisers and one collier; see British setup).

5 or 6: Chile
Coronel is a German port. Place the following Chilean ships in Coronel:
CD01 Capitan Prat
AC01 Blanco Encalada
AC02 Esmerelda
AC03 O’Higgins
PC01 Presidente Errazuriz
PC02 Presidente Pinto
PC03 Ministro Zenteno
PC04 Chacabuco
DL01 Almirante Lynch
DL02 Almirante Condell
GB01 Tomé
GB02 Alcahuano

No Allied coal is available in Coronel or Cape Horn. British reinforcements are not released.

Note: You’ll need pieces from Cone of Fire.

Great Danes
Denmark remained neutral, but could have entered the war had British encroachments on coastal islands in the North Sea taken place. Caribbean (St. Thomas) and Denmark Strait (Reykjavik) are German ports. Place GB01 Gejser and GB02 Heimdal in either area (in any combination). British ships that start in Norwegian Sea may not move on I August. This simulates British operations in the Faeroe Islands.

Note: You’ll need pieces from Jutland.

Pass the Dutch (on the left side)
The Netherlands government leaned toward Germany, and British provocation could have brought the Dutch into the war on the side of the Central Powers. Cocos Island (Batavia) and Caribbean (Willemstad) are German ports. Place GB01 Brinio and GB02 Friso in Caribbean. All Dutch ships listed under Neutral Forces are also available and placed as indicated. Replace Rule 12.1 with the following: Dutch ships may refuel in Gulf of Thailand, Dutch East Indies, and Timor Sea if the port in Cocos Island exists.

Detached Division
During the first half of 1914, the Germans sent their two newest battleships on a cruise to South America to test their new engines. This option presumes that they're still at sea at the start of the war. Place BB09 Kaiser, BB12 König Albert and CL7a Strassburg in any area adjacent to South America. Move Strassburg from its original setup area.

Note: You’ll need pieces from Jutland.

Ten Bob Rebellion
When the war began, many Boers planned to rise up against the British with help from the Germans in South-West Africa. The South African government learned of the revolt and quickly put it down, though it was a closer call than many realize today. On IV September the German player rolls one die and consults the following table.

1-3 No effect: The revolt doesn't happen or is quickly put down.

4-5 Additional forces are needed. The Imperial convoy containing large transports that is currently closest to Cape of Good Hope must be replotted to Cape of Good Hope. If none are on the map, the next Imperial Convoy which appears must be plotted to Cape of Good Hope. If it has already unloaded, it must be reloaded in the area it unloaded. When unloaded in Cape of Good Hope, the Allied player receives half the usual victory points. Previously received points are lost. Until two turns after the convoy unloads, German ships may refuel in Cape of Good Hope per rule 10.7.

6 same as 4-5 except that the Boers have successfully taken over. In addition to the effects above the port at Cape of Good Hope is German until two turns after the convoy unloads. Allied ships may not be placed on station, and Allied AMCs may not be placed in Cape of Good Hope when it is a German port.

Note: Imperial convoys containing small transports may redirected to areas with newly placed ports at the Allied player's discretion.

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