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Help Avalanche Press
Name Its New Line!

OK, folks, we need some help here. We’re launching a new line of games in November. Each one will be a complete game ... in a book. The format will be a 64- or 96-page manual that will contain rules, historic information on the game’s subject, and strategy tips; maps; and counters all shrink-wrapped together. These games will be more content-rich than anything APL has ever published before. We’re very excited about them.

But we can’t figure out what to name them. They’re games. They’re books. They’re games in books! But “game-in-a-book” just doesn’t have that flair that makes people want it. As the marketing boys on Madison Avenue put it, “It sucks.”

So we’re reaching out to you for some assistance. If you bought this product (and we’re hoping you will) in a game store, what would you expect it to be called? Here are the rules:

  • It has to contain the word “game”: We want it to be very clear that these are complete games. They are not supplements or books.

  • It has to be simple: The KISS Principle is at work here. It shouldn’t be overly difficult or fancy. A couple of words is fine.

  • It has to be evocative: The fact is this product is a game in a book. The name of the line has to evoke that feeling. We want everyone to understand they are getting a complete game, but it does not come in a box.

    E-mail your suggestions to APL Sales and Marketing Director John Phythyon at john@johnphythyon.com. If we select your entry, you'll receive a $100 credit at the APL web store. Not only that, you'll be able to tell all your friends that the name of the line was your idea! Those are some serious bragging rights.

    If more than one person sends the same entry, the person who gets it to John first will win the prize. And, of course, Avalanche Press is the sole judge of the contest and all decisions are final. Contest ends Oct. 29, 2010.

    So go on and make yourself an Avalanche Press marketeer. You can be part of Avalanche Press history, and history is what we do.