Golden Journal:
Labor Day 2015

Several times a year, when we feel like it, the Golden Journal brings Gold Club members a set of extras for their Avalanche Press games. Our twelfth issue has its focus on naval games, with some other stuff, too.

This Journal's a little different: it's based on a die-cut sheet of pieces we did for the Gold Club in its earliest days, before we had print-on-demand capability. It has 70 of the one-inch-long pieces we typically use for the naval game series. Just over half of them (36) are the U.S. Navy “four stack” destroyers from Strike South, Eastern Fleet and Bismarck, plus the out-of-print Leyte Gulf and Midway (they were still in print when we made the pieces). It’s a nice addition to each game — while these were older vessels, in most of those games (the first three anyway) they were still used as fleet destroyers and it would have been nice to give them big counters all along. Now you have them.

Italy has the eight destroyers of the Freccia class, which appeared in the out-of-print Bomb Alley on “small” pieces and the Italian Affondatore, from theDaily Content piece on Vittorio Cuniberti’s original dreadnought battleship design. She's since appeared in Triple Alliance along with three sisters.

From William Sariego’s fine tandem of pieces on the French submarine Surcouf, we have the big white elephant in both Second World War at Sea and Great War at Sea formats, so she can be used with Bismarck or U.S. Navy Plan Gold.

Much like the Freccia class, several British A-class destroyers have been given short shrift in some games. These particular victims suffered in Eastern Fleet and Bomb Alley. Japanese destroyers got the same treatment — most of these are older ones from Strike South and Eastern Fleet, from the Kamikaze class plus class members that appeared in Leyte Gulf, even though they had been reduced to escort roles by then. Two seaplane carriers that were disrespected in Midway get full-sized pieces here.

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