Golden Journal:
Blackberry Winter 2015

Several times a year, when we feel like it, the Golden Journal brings Gold Club members a set of extras for their Avalanche Press games. Our ninth issue has its focus on Panzer Grenadier, with some other stuff, too.

This Journal's a little different: it's based on a die-cut sheet of pieces we did for the Gold Club in its earliest days, before we had print-on-demand capability. It has 77 of the 2/3-inch counters we typically use for the Panzer Grenadier series of games.

The greatest number of different variants belongs to Soldier Kings. You'll get the armies of the Kingdom of Naples, the expanded fleets and extra army for Sweden, the army and fleet for the Republic of Genoa and the less-than-mighty army of the Pope.

For naval fans, there are also the three Martian fighting machines from Great War of the Worlds at Sea. They do look impressive on the tactical map.

And then we have the Fascist Tanks variant. The fascist state committed a number of unspeakable crimes, many of which modern Italy has yet to confront. Among them, the excess care for corporate profit that led the Italian Army to send brave men to die with badly outmoded equipment for the sole purpose of keeping profits high for the corporations in which those same leaders held large blocks of stock. Sadly, Italy would not be the last great nation where venal criminality ran rampant in this fashion.

Our variant focuses on the licenses for modern tanks that Italy easily could have obtained from the Germans, but never sought (well, probably could have obtained — read the article). The counter sheet has PzKw IVF2 and PzKw IIIJ tanks in Italian colors, ready to do battle with the British but this time with quality on their side. "Our turn to do the wiping out," as the unnamed Artilleryman says in War of the Worlds, "and them running and dying."

And the Italian tanks seen in the desert were actually an improvement. On the opposite end of the scale, we also have the tanks with which Italy almost went to war in 1940, the obsolete Great War era vehicles that were still in service in Italy and Albania when the desert battles began.

And we've also got the Wagons of Doom. There are so many things we always want to cram into Panzer Grenadier games, and transport units seem to be the ones we cut to fit them in.

Finally, there's a new type of bonus for members: you also get the old Divizione Corazzata downloadable supplement, with 10 scenarios for those Italian licensed tanks, as a free download.

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