The Habsburg Fleet:
Fancy Carrier Cards

By Mike Bennighof, Ph.D.
October 2014

A while back, I decided that our games needed to be more fun. Not just in the actual game play, which was already pretty fun, but in every aspect. I always wanted each aircraft carrier in Second World War at Sea games to have a detailed card including a picture of the carrier. On the card, the player would move aircraft pieces between the hangar and the flight deck and then on to their missions. Players dont really need a card like that, but pushing the airplanes around and making revving sounds just seemed more fun..

Down below are cards for the two Imperial Austrian aircraft carriers plus the three helicopter cruisers of SWWAS: The Habsburg Fleet. They’re in color, with the aircraft carrier basing boxes (use them just like the plain ones included in the game) plus the ship data from the hit records. You can mark off hits with counters or coins, or slip the card into a sleeve and mark on it with a grease pencil just like a real staff officer. The carriers have their light hull armor in green because I liked that better than the standard hatch pattern, otherwise the symbols are just like the standard ship data sheets.

You don't need to use these cards. But the game's a lot more fun if you do.

Salamander Carrier Card

Drache Carrier Card

Hess Helicopter Cruiser Card

Edelsheim Helicopter Cruiser Card

Sterneck Helicopter Cruiser Card

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Mike Bennighof is president of Avalanche Press and holds a doctorate in history from Emory University. A Fulbright Scholar and award-winning journalist, he has published over 100 books, games and articles on historical subjects. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, three children and his dog, Leopold. Leopold is a good dog.