Battle Cruiser Hood:
Scenarios, Part Six

By James Stear
June 2014

Editor’s Note: This series of Great War at Sea scenarios by Jim “Captain Terror” Stear focus on the British battle cruiser Hood. We hope you enjoy them.

Operational Scenario Three
In Defence of the Far East
February 1924
November 27, 1923, Hood weighed anchor, and set out on a year-long voyage around the Empire. Cape Town, India, Singapore, Australia and then on towards Hawaii and the west coast of North America, a journey to emphasize that His Majesty’s ships would be available wherever they were needed. Once again, a message was sent to those that might eye the territories under the Union Flag: the Royal Navy stands by to defend the Empire, with its mightiest ships. A point which might not be taken lightly in Japan, the nation which had been Britain’s ally up to the time of the Washington Naval Treaty, but where some in leading government and military circles had begun to question whether the Lion’s roar really need be feared after the Great War.

Note: This scenario uses the Malaya operational map from Strike South and warship pieces from Pacific Crossroads, Jutland and Cruiser Warfare.

Time Frame: 60 turns
Weather Condition: 1 (Clear)

Central Powers (Japanese) Forces
At Pescadores (Q 55):
BC01 Kongo
BC02 Hiei
BC03 Haruna
BC04 Kirishima
CL21 Chikuma
CL22 Yahagi
CL23 Hirado
2 x Umikaze-class DD
8 x Sakura-class DD

At Taihoku (P 59):
BB01 Fuso
BB02 Yamashiro
GB01 Yodo
GB02 Mogami
18 x Asakaze-class DD
30 x Small Transport

Allied (British, Australian) Forces
At Hong Kong (L 47):
BC12 Repulse
BC16 Hood
CL55 Danae
CL56 Dragon
CL57 Dauntless
CL58 Delhi
9 x Tribal-class DD

At Singapore (AF 12):
BB28 Ramillies
BB30 Revenge
BC11 Renown
CL39 Concord
CL40 Calypso
CL41 Caradoc
3 x Tribal-class DD

At Jesselton (AK 33):
CL53 Colombo
CL63 Hawkins
CL04 Adelaide (RAN)
3 x Tribal-class DD
6 x Parramatta-class DD (RAN)

Special Rules
Ports: The Central Powers player has the use of Pescadores, Tainan and Taihoku. The Allied player has the use of Hong Kong, Hai Phong, Saigon, Singapore, Sarawak, Brunei and Jesselton. All Allied ports except Hong Kong are minor ports.  

Fleets: Each player may have up to six fleets, including three decoys.

Local Garrisons: At the start of the game, the Allied player secretly rolls three dice for Hong Kong, and one die for all other Allied ports. This is the number of garrison troops at each location.

Invasion: The Central Powers transports at Taihoku are loaded with troops. These can be used to conduct amphibious invasions of any Allied port.

Victory Conditions
The Allied player receives one VP for each primary gun hit scored via bombardment against Central Powers ports, and one VP for each enemy troop that has been offloaded at an Allied port that has not been captured by the end of the game. The Central Powers player receives three VPs for each Allied minor port captured by the end of the game, and 20 VPs if Hong Kong is captured. The player with the most VPs at the end of play wins.

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