Battle Cruiser Hood:
Scenarios, Part Seven

By James Stear
July 2014

Editor’s Note: This series of Great War at Sea scenarios by Jim “Captain Terror” Stear focus on the British battle cruiser Hood. We hope you enjoy them.

Operational Scenario Four
Standing with Australia
May 1924
Hood spent eight weeks visiting Australia and New Zealand during the Empire Cruise. While Imperial Japan may have not had immediate designs on the Australian continent, the presence of Hood and Repulse certainly reminded the far-flung provinces of Britain that the Royal Navy had a long reach, and would be ready to stand in the face of any regional aggressor.

Note: This scenario uses the operational map from Pacific Crossroads and warship pieces from Pacific Crossroads, Jutland and Cruiser Warfare.

Time Frame: 48 turns
Weather Condition: 1 (Clear)

Central Powers (Japanese) Forces
At Truk (O 22):
BC01 Kongo
BC02 Hiei
BC03 Haruna
BC04 Kirishima
CL22 Yahagi
CL23 Hirado
2 x Umikaze-class DD
8 x Sakura-class DD
15 x Small Transport

Allied (British, Australian) Forces
At Rabaul (N 43):
BC12 Repulse
BC16 Hood
CL55 Danae
CL56 Dragon
CL57 Dauntless
CL58 Delhi
CL04 Adelaide (RAN)
6 x Parramatta-class DD (RAN)

Special Rules
Ports: The Central Powers player has the use of all Japanese ports. The Allied player has the use of all Australian ports.

Fleets: Each player may have up to four fleets, including two decoys.

Local Garrisons: At the start of the game, the Allied player secretly rolls one die for each Allied ports. The result is the number of garrison troops at each location.

Invasion: The Central Powers transports at Truk are loaded with troops. These can be used to conduct amphibious invasions of any Allied port.

Victory Conditions
The Allied player receives one VP for each primary gun hit scored via bombardment against Central Powers ports, and one VP for each enemy troop point that has been offloaded at an Allied port that has not been captured by the end of the game (they've been taken prisoner). The Central Powers player receives five VPs for each Allied minor port captured by the end of the game. The player with the most VPs at the end of play wins.

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