Battle Cruiser Hood:
Scenarios, Part Eight

By James Stear
August 2014

Editor’s Note: This series of Great War at Sea scenarios by Jim “Captain Terror” Stear focus on the British battle cruiser Hood. We hope you enjoy them.

Operational Scenario Five
Sandwich Bite
June 1924
Leaving Australia, Hood and her consorts steered north across the equator, bound for Hawaii and then the west coast of North America. While a good time was had by all in the islands, the Empire Cruise visit served as a subtle reminder to U.S. naval planners that if Britain and the United States should come to blows to sort out the new world order, the Royal Navy could strike from the west just as easily from the east.

Note: This scenario uses the operational map from Midway (only the eastern half is used; treat column AD as the western edge), and pieces from Black Waters and Jutland.

Time Frame: 48 turns
Weather Condition: 1 (Clear)

Central Powers (American) Forces
Pearl Harbor (E 11):
BB36 Nevada
BB38 Pennsylvania
BB39 Arizona
BB41 Mississippi
6 x Wickes-class DD
12 x Clemson-class DD
18 x Large Transport
3 x VE7

Allied (British) Forces
Within fifteen sea zones of Q42, mark off three fuel:
BC12 Repulse
BC16 Hood
CL55 Danae
CL56 Dragon
CL57 Dauntless
CL58 Delhi
2 x Oiler

Special Rules
Ports: The Central Powers player has the use of all U.S. ports. There are no ports at Wake, Midway or Marcus. Remaining US ports are minor ports.

Fleets: The Central Powers player may have up to six fleets. The Allied player may have up to two fleets, both of which may be given raiding missions. The Allied player may also assign oilers to supply missions, which do not count against the Allied fleet total.

Naval Air Station: The three VE7 must remain based at Pearl Harbor through the game.

Merchant Trade: Sea zones within one of Pearl Harbor have merchant densities of four, those two to three zones away have densities of three, those four to eight zones away have densities of two, while all remaining sea zones have densities of one.

Guns of Terror: Each Allied warship may conduct up to two bombardments of ports or coastal zones during the game.

Troop Convoy: The large transports starting at Pearl Harbor may not initially be assigned to a fleet or move. At the start of the game, the Central Powers player secretly rolls three dice; the result indicates the turn the ships must be added to a fleet with a transport mission. The following turn and on all subsequent turns, the fleet (along with any escorts) moves at a rate of one sea zone per turn, towards an exit point between sea zones AC 30 to AC 40. The fleet may only move towards the SW or S, and it may never make two consecutive moves south. The transports need not track fuel. The turn after the convoy reaches the exit point (if time allows), it is removed from the map along with any escorts. The Central Powers player may assign escort fleets to the convoy as desired. Central Powers ships with intercept missions may switch to an escort mission at the start of a turn in which they are co-located with the troop convoy. Central Powers ships with escort missions may switch to intercept missions at the start of a turn, by pre-plotting two moves with their new mission.

Victory Conditions
The Allied player receives four VPs for each primary gunnery hit, and two VPs for each secondary gunnery hit, scored via bombardment in or adjacent to Central Powers port zones. The Allied player also receives one VP for each merchant sunk on the MLT, and five VPs for each hull box marked off a large transport in the troop convoy. The Central Powers player loses 100 VPs if at least one BB does not exit the map with the troop convoy (or remain stacked with the convoy as an escort at the end of the game, if the convoy does not exit). The Allied player must score at least 30 VPs from bombardments and merchant sinkings or troop ship hits, and have more VPs than the Central Powers player at the end of play in order to win; any other result is a Central Powers victory.

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