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Strategy in
Defiant Russia




Imperium, 3rd Millennium: Worlds In The Balance

Frequently Asked Questions

*Note: This is the only official FAQ for this game. In all cases, the question has been answered by the game's designer.

Q: What is the production cost and time to build for Monitors?
A: Same as CL.

Q: Are the production cost and time to build for Repair Ships (AR) the same as Attack Transports (AT)?
A: Yes.

Q: Shouldn't the Imperial player be prevented from building fighters (F) and Carriers (CV) until after the Terrans have done so?
A: That was the case for carriers in the GDW editions, but the play test groups for this new edition found too many ways to "game"/exploit the restriction.

Q: How do planetary elevations figure into play?
A: An early play test version required an intricate calculation of these for interstellar (not along the jump lines) movement. The system quickly died the horrible death it deserved, but it gave a good look to the map.

Q: Imperuim includes "Impulse" markers, but the rules do not say what they are for.
A: They're from a rule that was removed from the game as too complicated, but after the markers had gone to press.

Updated: 10/08/2002