Division Marocain:
Additional Scenarios, Part One

By Mike Bennighof, Ph.D.
September 2014

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Special pieces just make playing a game more special.

For our 1940: The Fall of France game, Gold Club members had the chance to pick up the special Division Marocain set: 176 beautiful scorchless, sootless pieces showing the 1st Moroccan Infantry Division in full Panzer Grenadier glory. They’re just way more fun to play with than the French azure blue pieces. You can play this new scenario with the blue pieces but really, you need the red ones.

In 1940: The Fall of France, the 1st Moroccan Division appears in four scenarios: Scenarios Eighteen (“The Iron Line: South”), Twenty-One (“Red Dusk”) and Twenty-Two (“Furia Francese!”), all taking place on 15 May at Gembloux in Belgium, and Scenario Thirty-Two (“A Bridgehead Too Far”), taking place five days later at Bouchain, France.

In Scenario Thirty-Two, the Moroccans are represented by the more-powerful ESC infantry pieces (firepower 4) but in the first three they are the mere mortal INF (firepower 3). Since the three Gembloux scenarios show the division at the peak of its fighting prowess, when using pieces from the Division Marocain set all Moroccan INF pieces should be replaced in the scenarios with ESC (note that a few INF in Scenario Twenty-Two are from the 110th Infantry Regiment, a French outfit). There’s no need for any other scenario modifications. The blue pieces don't really deserve the upgrade, but do so if you must.

And if four scenarios using those sharp red Moroccans aren’t enough, here’s another one:

Scenario 51
14 May 1940
Gembloux, Belgium
Along the Brussels-Namur railway, the two divisions of the French IV Corps dug in to await the attack of the German XVI Panzer Corps. The Germans formed up behind the woods of the Bois du Buis, and came forward across the open fields with heavy support from Stuka dive bombers and their own artillery. At the town of Gembloux itself, the 1st Regiment of Moroccan Tirailleurs had based their defense on the small industrial town’s buildings and railroad and anchored their flank on the town cemetery, where the 15th Motorized Infantry Division picked up the line. Well-prepared, supported by artillery and strong anti-tank batteries, the Moroccans’ fate lay in the hands of Allah the Merciful, the Just.

Game Length: 24 Turns
First Turn: 0700
Other: The road leading from hex 1309 to 0510, plus hexes 0409, 0309, 0209 and 0109 are Railway Embankment hexes. The road leading from hex 0710 to hex 0701 is also a Railway Embankment. Hex 0510 is Gembloux Station. Hex 1209 is Gembloux Cemetery.

Elements, 4th Panzer Division
Enter anywhere on the east edge at or north of hex 0701:
18 x INF
4 x HMG
3 x ENG
2 x 81mm
2 x 75mm IG
1 x PzI
3 x PzII
2 x PzIIIF
1 x Pz IVD (reduced)
7 x truck

Leaders: 1 x LT COL, 1 x MAJ, 5 x CAPT, 7 x LT, 1 x SGT
Initiative: 3
Morale: 8/7
Off-board artillery: 3 x 16

Elements, 1st Regiment of Moroccan Tirailleurs
Set up first, anywhere on or west of the north-south Railroad Embankment. Place four Minefields and six Wire markers anywhere in the setup area or in any hexes within two hexes of the north-south Railroad Embankment. All eligible units may begin Dug In:
18 x ESC
5 x HMG
3 x 25mm
1 x 47 APX
2 x 81mm
4 x wagon

Leaders: 1 x Lt. Colonel, 2 x Commandant, 4 x Capitaine, 6 x Lieutenant, 1 x Sous-Lieutenant, 1 x Sergent
Initiative: 2
Morale: 8/7
Off-board artillery: 4 x 8, 3 x 14, 1 x 20

Special Rules
1. The German initiative level is lowered by one for every six steps eliminated (tanks count double, trucks don’t count).
2. The French initiative level is lowered by one for every six steps eliminated (wagons don’t count).
3. The German player may draw two aircraft on Turns One and Two, and one aircraft on any other six turns.

Victory Conditions
Players score victory points (VPs) as follows:
• One for each enemy step eliminated (tanks count double, trucks and wagons don't count).
• Two for each town hex controlled at the end of play.
• Four for controlling Gembloux Station and Gembloux Cemetery (each) at the end of play (eight total possible VPs).

Minor Victory: Achieve 10 to 15 more VPs than your opponent.
Major Victory: Achieve at least 16 more VPs than your opponent.
Any other result is a draw.

Despite strong artillery, air and armor support, the Germans could not break the Moroccan line or in the 2nd Regiment’s sector adjoining the 1st’s left flank. On the other side of the 1st Regiment, troops of the 1st Motorized Division held off 3rd Panzer Division. As long as the other French units held their ground, it did not appear that the Moroccans would give up their positions easily if at all.

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Mike Bennighof is president of Avalanche Press and holds a doctorate in history from Emory University. A Fulbright Scholar and award-winning journalist, he has published over 100 books, games and articles on historical subjects. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, three children and his dog, Leopold.