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Games of Autumn

We’ve got the new games and books to keep you engaged during the autumn of this strangest of years (well, until next year).

Panzer Grenadier: Black Panthers
Black Lives That Mattered: The story of the segregated 761st Tank Battalion and other African-American units that fought against Nazi racism. We have the stories that should never be forgotten: the 758th and 784th Tank Battalions, the 614th Tank Destroyer Battalion, the segregated “fifth platoons” and more, with three dozen new scenarios for Panzer Grenadier: Elsenborn Ridge.

You can read the designer’s comments here.

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Panzer Grenadier: The Book of Armaments, Vol. One
It’s all about the artillery: new pieces for the heavy guns that usually only show up in Panzer Grenadier games as off-board artillery, like the German 170mm and Soviet 203mm. Special artillery rules and a new artillery management card. If you actually play your Panzer Grenadier games, you have to have this book.

You can read a designer preview right here.

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Great War at Sea. Jutland: Dogger Bank
History and analysis of naval combat in the North Sea between late 1914 and early 1916, including the rarely-discussed fleet operations of 1915. We look at Jutland’s scenarios covering that period, and add 35 new ones.

You can read some author’s notes right here.

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Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires
In August 1914, over two million men clashed in the opening battles of the last war fought by Imperial Russia and Austria-Hungary. The game includes 40 scenarios, 517 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces, and six maps.

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Second World War at Sea: Midway, Deluxe Edition
History’s crucial carrier battle is here, along with the Wake Island relief expedition and the attack on Pearl Harbor. Each action is studied in detail, with operational and battle scenarios covering the entire battle but also picking up the action at crucial moments so YOU can make the decisions that matter. With 560 die-cut and silky-smooth pieces, a huge 42x28-inch operational map, and a unique Pearl Harbor tactical display.

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