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Strategy in
Defiant Russia




Panzer Grenadier System
Clarifications and Errata

Heroes of the Soviet Union

Scenario booklet:

  • All Scenarios: References to "T-34a" are to the "T-34/76a" tank units and reference to "T-34/76" are to the "T-34/76b" tank units.



  • There is no number "13" on the map. It should be in hex 0201.


  • The StuG IIIG counter should have an AT value of "6-8" in lieu of "5-8."

Scenario booklet:

  • Special Rule 3. Strongpoints: Strongpoints receive no intrinsic defensive benefits and are eliminated if forced to retreat.
  • Scenario 9: Replace Special Rule 3 with the following: The Germans were shaken by their sudden change in fortune. The American player may ask the German player to surrender at the beginning of any turn. When asked, the German player rolls two dice, subtracts his or her current initiative value and adds the current number of German eliminated and demoralized units (not steps) AND leaders. If the result is more than the morale values of the highest ranking German leader (or more than 6 if all German leaders have been eliminated), play ends. If the result is greater than the leader'smorale, the Germans do not surrender, German initiative increases by one and play continues. SCENARIO TEN German reinforcements should enter the map through hexes 0114-0217. US forces should enter the map through hexes 1206-1209. Add "1 x Jeep" to the US forces.

Afrika Korps


  • The Italian General should have a morale of "9" and a modifier of "0" instead of the other way around.
  • Four Italian M13/40 counters (1502-1506) have the incorrect NATO symbol (infantry in lieu of armor). This has no effect on play.
  • Two British infantry have their full-strengths printed on the reverse side. They should both be "2-3."
  • The two German Pzjg 1 counters have their full strength printed on the reverse of the counter, and reduced strength on the front.

Scenario booklet:

  • Special Rule 3. Surrender: This rule is correct. British/Australian tanks can trigger a surrender roll in a stack of undisrupted and undemoralized Italian units when this rule is in effect.
  • Special Rule 4. Terrain. Salt Marsh: In the fourth sentence replace "Subtract two from..." with "Add two to..."
  • Special Rule 8. Bush Artillery: The second to last sentence should read "On a result of 11 the unit is removed from play." SCENARIO TWO Giarabub Garrison set up. In the third sentence replace "1610" with "1510."
  • Scenario 6 — Other: In the last sentence replace "##13" with "##08."
  • Scenario 12: In the Italian set up replace "3 x L3/35" with "2 x L3/35" and replace "7 x L3/35" with "3 x L3/35."
  • Scenario 13 — Other: Replace "1923" with "1922."
  • Scenario 21: Replace "2603" with "2403" in the setup.
  • Scenario 22: The Allies should have "5 x 13" off-map artillery instead of 3.
  • Scenario 24: In the 8th Machinegun Battalion leader list replace "5 x LT, 1 x SGT" with "3 x LT, 3 x SGT."
  • Scenario 25 — Other: Delete instructions and add "None."
  • Scenario 46: Other: In the first sentence replace "Map 2" with "Map 3."
  • Scenario 47: In the map graphic the lower map should be Map 2 not 3.

Battle of the Bulge


  • The German Wespe self-propelled artillery unit (1201) should have an armor defense value of 1 on the front and back of the counter.
  • The "16-31" fire values on the two German 105mm units (1204 and 1205) should be indirect fire values (white text). German Sergeant #1614 has morale and combat modifiers of "8". Both should be "0".

Scenario Booklet:

  • Scenario 28: Replace the German "SPW250/9" unit with a "234/2."