Panzer Grenadier:
Explosions, Trucks and Wagons

November 2014

Over the years, we've provided a huge number of free downloadable enhancements for our games, several hundred of them by now. With a number of our older Panzer Grenadier titles about to depart for Valhalla as part of the Viking Funeral sale, we've collected some of them here.

Front Russo: Extra Italian Pieces

Pontoon Bridges

Desert Rats: Italian Trucks

Road to Berlin: Guards and SS Trucks

Fronte Russo: The Wagons of Doom

Eastern Front: Romanian Trucks and Wagons

Eastern Front: German and Romanian Strongpoints

Eastern Front: Artillery Markers

First Axis: Artillery Markers

Afrika Korps Artillery Markers

Road to Berlin Artillery Markers

Arctic Front Artillery Markers

Fronte Russo: Artillery Markers

Guadalcanal Artillery Markers

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