U.S. Navy Plan Red:
Online Play Module

By Rupert Cullum
October 2015

Now you can play Great War at Sea: U.S. Navy Plan Red online with the VASSAL engine. This is not a free e-version; you need to own the game to use this module.

The supports solitaire play and live play over the Vassal Server using the main operational map and the tactical maps. The module also supports double blind PBEM play using the private operational map windows. The module is not complicated by design, but a small help file can be accessed from the menu bar which gives a brief description of the main features of the module.

Additional goodies in the module include:

1) The Bermuda tactical map by Kevin Canada from May 2013 to allow the US player to storm Fortress Bermuda.

2) Expanded air cards for each player showing both the aircraft carriers available and all of the friendly ports available for basing aircraft.

3) Large counters for the various British airships in the game plus the new US Airships for use with the GWAS: Zeppelins rules.

4) Target, smoke and fire markers to allow tracking of tactical combat for use with the Dreadnought rules.

Fill out the order form ($0 purchase) just like any other product, with your real name and address, and get the module in nanoseconds (a few nanoseconds ... these are big files).

You can download the VASSAL module here

You can order U.S. Navy Plan Red here