Panzer Grenadier:
Free Playset!

This little set includes everything you need to play an introductory Panzer Grenadier scenario: the rules and charts (in downloadable form), a scenario card, a set of 40 superb laser-cut, mounted real playing pieces, and an 11x17-inch real full-color map on heavy cardstock. It's free, but shipping charges do apply.

The rules and charts (in both color, like the ones that come in the games, and in black and white, for ease of home printing) you'll need come as a free download; you'll get an automatically-generated e-mail that explains how to download them (it's easy).

The pieces, map and scenario are drawn from Panzer Grenadier: Burning Tigers. Supplies are limited, so if you already own Burning Tigers, please let a new player have the free playset. Limit one per customer, please.

You can order the free Panzer Grenadier playset right here.

You can download a VASSAL module for the free Panzer Grenadier playset here.

You can download the scenario card right here.

You can download the rules and charts right here.

You can order Panzer Grenadier games right here.