The Potato War:
Map Preview

Soldier Kings: The Potato War adds new scenarios to Soldier Kings for the 1778 War of the Bavarian Succession (known as the Potato War) and the 1768 Russo-Turkish War. In addition to the scenarios, the usual background stuff (which is fantastic) and 54 new playing pieces, The Potato War also includes a new map.

The map’s at the same scale as the Soldier Kings Europe map, and overlaps the lower right side to extend the playing area to the east. That’s necessary for the Russo-Ottoman War scenarios, since the Soldier Kings map is kind of lacking in both Russo and Ottoman.

It’s also a nice addition to the standard game of Soldier Kings, greatly changing the roles of Russia and Turkey. Russia no longer enjoys that impregnable position in the corner of the board, able to send forth her armies to mess with others with little concern for her own security. Turkey has much more to do, with more of her Empire on the map and the ability to seize minor countries and inflict a great deal of pain on Russia. Likewise, she is no longer protected by the corner of the map, with Russia looming over her.

Here’s a look:

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