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SS Youth in
Beyond Normandy




'Red God of War'
Clarifications and Errata

By Doug McNair
September 2006

Combat Odds Modifiers (all are cumulative)

–2 Weather is Mud
–2 Defender occupies heavy woods or city
–1 Defender occupies light woods or town
–1 German defender is in a hex marked as a German setup hex (improved position)
–1 All attackers attacking across creek hexsides
–1 Defender includes tank and infantry, and attackers include at least one tank unit
–1 Defending unit within range of friendly HQ (if defender is Soviet, at least one
defending Soviet unit must be assigned to the in-range HQ)
–1 German unit(s) attacking in Snow weather
+1 Attacker includes tank and infantry units stacked together
+1 All attacking units are within range of a supplied, friendly HQ (if attacking units are Soviet, at least one attacking unit must be assigned to the in-range HQ; see 10.13 and 10.14 for HQ combat support limits)
+1 Attacking tank steps outnumber defending tank steps by at least 5:1 (the
defending units must include at least one tank step)
+1 First attack by units assigned to a given Soviet HQ
+1 HQ expends a Supply Point to support an attack (HQ may spend only one SP per attack)
+1 Attack by units in four or more hexes on the same defender

Terrain Effects Clarifications

River Hexside: Tanks may not attack across a river hexside. All other units may attack across a river hexside at half-strength (total their attack strength and round any fraction up). German mechanized divisions with Divisional Integrity (5.4) are not doubled in strength when attacking across river hexsides. Attackers with tank and infantry units stacked together do not receive a +1 odds modifier when attacking across a river hexside. Only units actually attacking across a river hexside suffer these penalties — other units participating in the same attack but not attacking across a river hexside attack normally.

Swamp Hex: Halve the total combat strength of units attacking a swamp hex (round any fraction up). Attackers do not get the +1 odds modifier for 5:1 superiority in tank steps, or the +1 odds modifier for having tank and infantry units stacked together.

Rules Clarifications and Errata

3.1: Initial Segment, Step j) The German Player places any reinforcements scheduled to arrive this turn in their designated entry hex(es), per scenario instructions.

3.2: It doesn’t matter who draws an impulse chit. The HQ on the chit that is drawn activates, no matter whether it belongs to the player that drew it or not.

3.23: The first sentence should read “All activated cavalry and mechanized units may move again if desired, up to their full movement allowance. They may also move in the Mechanized Movement Phase (if desired) if they didn’t move in the Movement Phase.”

3.3: The first sentence should read “When the second and subsequent impulses are complete, the active player rolls one die to determine if the turn ends.”

3.4: HQs do not have a parenthesized side. The HQ’s range is highlighted in white on its non-combat supplied side.

4.3: A German mechanized division with three component regiments does not count as just one division for Rail Movement purposes. Only one or two regiments of a Mechanized Division may be transported by rail each turn.

5.1: HQ counters fall into the “other unit” category for stacking purposes. They do not count as divisions or corps for stacking.

7.22: The last sentence of the first paragraph should say “This means units of a Soviet army whose HQ has been eliminated will not be able to move or attack until the HQ returns to play.”

7.25: The second sentence should read, “They may only activate if that HQ’s impulse chit is drawn.”

11.0: The “Stalin Attitude” and “OKW Directive” markers start the game in the leftmost boxes on their respective tracks.