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Moving the Armata Romana
By Avalanche Press
November 2014

The Romanian Army that invaded the Soviet Union at the end of June 1941 depended solely on its own resources for food, ammunition and transportation. Despite the presence of Europe's only serious oil reserves, Romania was a relatively poor country in 1941 and could not supply the trappings of modern warfare. Romanian soldiers moved forward on foot, with their supplies and weapons hauled almost exclusively by horses.

Motorized units depended on Czech-built all-wheel-drive trucks purchased in the late 1930s: 1,000 of them for the motorized infantry and cavalry and another 1,000 for the artillery. These were excellent vehicles, but once the Czech factories that built them fell under German control there would be no replacements and even spare parts became hard to obtain.

In Panzer Grenadier: Eastern Front Romanian formations are forced to use German pieces for their transport needs, a sad irony given German refusals to provide such aid to their allies. But we wanted to use as many pieces as possible for troops, weapons and leaders, giving the lowly truck and wagon short shrift. While there's no reason that German pieces won't work as Romanian ones, Panzer Grenadier was designed from the start to avoid the "pretend this counter is actually that one" syndrome. While no one needs Romanian wagons, the game's more fun if all the Romanian pieces are in the Armata Romana's traditional yellow.

So today we have a large, free download: two dozen wagon/truck pieces in Romanian yellow. That's far more than you'll ever need in a single scenario, but you can never have enough toys.

You can download the new pieces here.

And here's a hint on how to make them of the utmost beauty.

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