South American Navies:
Battle Scenario Seven

Editor’s Note: John Howard Oxley has provided a gigantic Second World War at Sea battle scenario, bringing together three out-of-print games and expansions. Get lots of dice ready: this should be fun. 

Proud Monsters
March 1942
Japanese doctrine called for the fleet’s battleships to be held back for a decisive battle in defense of the Home Islands. But the opportunity to seal off the Pacific Ocean would have demanded modification to this thinking, as the Allies would be forced to fight for the Tierra del Fuego choke point.  With an influx of improved ships, the demand to retain national territory could well have forced decisive action before help could arrive from more distant allies.

Note: This Scenario uses pieces from South American Navies, Cone of Fire and Midway.

Time Frame: Daylight
Weather Conditions: 1 (Clear)

Allied (Argentine-Brazilian) Forces
BB09 Aquidaba (Brazilian)
BB10 Tuyuti (Brazilian)
BB04 Garibaldi (Argentine)
BB05 San Martin (Argentine)
CA01 Almirante Brown (Argentine)
CA02 25 de Mayo (Argentine)
AC07 Guerrico (Argentine)
AC08 Espora (Argentine)
CL07 Solimoes (Brazilian)
CL08 Paysandu (Brazilian)
CL06 Spiro (Argentine)
CL07 Rosales (Argentine)
DD11 San Luis (Argentine)
DD12 Santa Cruz (Argentine)
DD13 Los Posos (Argentine)
DD14 Jatai (Argentine)
DD15 Suipacha (Argentine)
DD17 Ajuicaba (Brazilian)
DD18 Amazonas (Brazilian)
DD19 Apa (Brazilian)
DD20 Araguary (Brazilian)
DD21 Araguaya (Brazilian)

Axis (Japanese) Forces
BB05 Fuso
BB06 Yamashiro
BB07 Ise
BB08 Hyuga
CA09 Atago
CA10 Takao
CA11 Chokai
CA12 Maya
CL05 Kitakami
CL06 Oi
DD65 Shiratsuyu
DD66 Shigure
DD67 Murasame
DD68 Yudachi
DD69 Samidare
DD70 Harusame
DD71 Kawakaze
DD72 Umikaze

Special Rules
Setup:  The Axis player sets up first, placing his ships in hexes C5, D5, D6, D7, or Z9. All Axis ships must be set up with the same heading, which cannot be to the south-east or south-west. The Allied player has initiative on the first round (roll for initiative on subsequent rounds normally) and sets up his ships in hexes Z21, D16, and C11.

Dire Straits: Treat hex A1 as an island (9.72), and treat the east, south-east, and north-west edges of the board as land as per rule (9.71). Allied ships only run aground on a natural or modified die roll result of 12; Japanese ships run aground normally (9.73).

Pride and Honor: Ships of both sides may not exit the tactical map (6.46) until they qualify as crippled ships (8.1) or until their side has achieved its victory conditions (whichever comes first; see Victory Conditions below).

Long-Range Guns: The primary armament of all BB in the scenario can fire to a range of four hexes, halving their gunnery combat strength (before any other modifications) when doing so (round fractions down). The secondary armament of Japanese CAs can fire to a range of three hexes, halving their gunnery combat strength (before any other modifications) when doing so (round fractions down).

National Friction:  Brazilian and Argentine ships cannot occupy the same hex (they may pass through hexes occupied by the other nationality). Brazilian and Argentine ships cannot combine gunfire or torpedo fire against the same target (though one nationality could fire guns and the other torpedoes at the same target).

Training Matters:  South American navies were notorious for lax training standards; the Brazilian navy especially. To reflect this, all primary hits from a Brazilian BB, all secondary hits from a Brazilian CA, and all Brazilian torpedo hits must be confirmed by a second die roll result of 4 through 6 and all primary hits from an Argentine BB, all secondary hits from an Argentine CA, and all Argentine torpedo hits must be confirmed by a second die roll result of 3 through 6. Unconfirmed hits are regarded as misses.

Game Length: The game ends when four rounds (88 impulses) have been played or all ships of one side have been sunk/left the map (6.46), whichever comes first.

Victory Conditions
A player wins by sinking at least one enemy BB AND scoring more VPs than the enemy player. Any other result is a draw.