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Frequently Asked Questions

*Note: This is the only official FAQ for this game. In all cases, the question has been answered by the game's designer.

Q: In "SOPAC," the 2 destroyers DD349 Dewey and DD348 Farragut have a unique value on the back of the counter. On the front of the counter is a Tertiary value of 2, but on the back next to the number 2 is a number 1 in an orange box. What does this value represent?
A: ASW Value - a tremendously bad idea deleted from the rulebook during play test, apparently not from all the counters.

Q: What happens if CAP successfully intercepts a Search, but misses the attack roll of 5 or 6? Does the Search plane send in a contact report? Does CAP get to attack in Air-to-Air combat?
A: Yes and yes.

Q: If CAP gets a 5 or 6 in the attack roll, can Search aircraft shoot back?
A: No.

Q: Please give an example for the rule 5.51 regarding "Combining Task Forces."
A: Write "Combine" on the log sheet for the turn in which both task forces will occupy the same zone (any zone, as long as it's the same turn - they can travel different distances to get there). Pull one of them off the map when they are in the same zone, and put all of the ships from that task force in the box corresponding to the other one. Now you have one task force.

Q: "Midway" uses different AA values for bases. Are there any revised AA numbers for bases in "Eastern Fleet" and "SOPAC?"
A: None at this time, though you probably couldn't go far wrong by halving them.

Q: Rule 13.34 mentions a table of modifiers for shootings AA, but this table is not included in "SoPac."
A: It does not apply to "SOPAC" (only scenarios that take place after 1944).

Q: Rule 10.92 states that when an aircraft carrier makes an ASW search, it is obliged to reveal its position to the opposing player, in order to define the range of its patrol. What happens to the secrecy of the composition of the task force?
A: The composition of the rest of the task force remains secret; the opposing player only learns that it contains at least one aircraft carrier.

Q: There seems to be a conflict between rule 10.92 Hunter-Killer and rule 10.62 Carrier Security, if the ASW aircraft are flown from a carrier.
A: There is no conflict. The fact that at least one carrier is present in the zone is revealed. 10.62 states that "players are not required" but does not prevent them from taking action that would reveal such information.

Q: No rules appear to prevent submarines from setting up next to the set up zones of your opponent's forces.
A: That is correct, though scenario rules sometimes restrict submarine set up. Note that only one flotilla could be placed there.

Q: After planes have flown a Naval strike mission are they also simply replaced on their air base cards?
A: Yes.

Q: What happens to the CAP of a carrier if it is sunk during surface combat? Can it still fly CAP missions before it "splashes" into the sea? What about ASW or Search aircraft? Can they attempt to fly to land bases if in range?
A: Yes and yes.

Updated: 09/30/2002