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Ordering and Shipping FAQ
Updated April 2011

How long will it take to get my order?

Well, that depends on where you live. Avalanche Press' shipping facility is located in central Alabama. We ship mostly via USPS and orders can take anywhere from a day or two to two weeks in transit.

I live in another country. How long will it take to get my order?

Avalanche Press uses the Postal Service to ship to most customers outside the United States. If you live in Canada, that should take about two weeks. Europe takes about three to four weeks. Other locations vary greatly.

I live outside the United States and pay very high customs fees. Could you please set the value of the package very low so I don't have to pay as much?

That would violate numerous laws. We have to mark packages to reflect what you paid.

I didn't get a shipping notice for my order, but other people did. Why do you hate me?

Orders don't always generate automatic shipping notices. Also, when a new product releases we try to get all the orders out as quickly as possible, but they can't always all be shipped on the same day.

I want to order some of your games, but canít find web store pages for them. What happened?

We only offer games and other items for sale that are physically present in our warehouse and ready for shipping. Upcoming games arenít available for pre-order, and games that fall out of stock are taken out of the web store until we reprint them. Sometimes we make mistakes, but the policy is that if itís in the web store, itís ready to ship to you right now.

I ordered over the Web with Avalanche Press' online store on a Thursday but here it is Tuesday and my games aren't here. Why not?

It is possible that your order was not processed until Friday afternoon and therefore might not ship before the weekend. We try to ship all orders within four business days, but during periods of heavy order traffic this can slip.

OK, I got my games but something is missing, damaged or incomplete. How much do I have to pay to get this fixed?

Nothing. If the order was not filled properly, was damaged in shipping or packing, or was misassembled, Avalanche Press will replace or refund your order as you wish within reasonable limits. If you require a shipment to fix the problem we will do so free of charge. Send us your order date or, if you bought it elsewhere, a receipt. Sorry, we canít replace parts for games bought off online auction sites - "win" the game, take your chances.

I sent you an e-mail but you havenít answered. Why donít you love me?

We do love you, but we have a high volume of orders to process and that sometimes keeps us from answering e-mails immediately. You can speed the answering process by including your name, order date, order number, and what was included in the order.

I want to place an order and wish you would just go ahead and charge the card I used last time. Can you do this?

For your protection, Avalanche Press does not keep a file of credit card numbers.

One final note: This shipping and ordering FAQ is by no means comprehensive. If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please e-mail us.