Panzer Grenadier Third Edition:
The Last Books

Panzer Grenadier’s Third Edition faded away in late 2014. Several older boxed games went permanently out of print as well, as well as most of the books that supported them and drew on them for pieces and map boards.

A few books stayed in print for a while, but we always knew the day would come for them to fade away as well. And now that time is here.

Five of them are already out of stock, and we’re not going to reprint them. Those would be:

Invasion of Germany
Go for Broke
Winter Soldiers
Iron Curtain: Patton’s Nightmare
Iron Curtain: Red and White

Three others are still on hand, but won’t be reprinted, either:

Black SS
            You can order Black SS right here.

Iron Curtain: Hammer and Sickle
            You can order Hammer and Sickle right here.

Panzer Lehr
            You can order Panzer Lehr right here.

We’re going to offer sale prices on Black SS ($20) and Hammer and Sickle ($18) until they’re gone. We just printed Panzer Lehr so there’s no sale price.