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Man, Myth, and Militarists
By William Sariego
July 2013

During World War II, history saw some of the last movers and shakers pass across the stage of military history. Warfare today is quite impersonal as technology has made killing one another in mass quantities as easy as the touch of a button. While the role of the hero in history can be exaggerated, it makes for a cool variant for both Third Reich and The Great Pacific War. This article will deal with army leaders in Europe and a future update will cover air and naval commanders for the Pacific theater.

Of Generals and Field Marshals

We're presenting a free download with 37 leader pieces. The left number under a leader's flag is his attack strength, the right his defense. A leader will either be an infantry or armor general; armor leaders have their attack strength highlighted.

Armor leader Charles de Gaulle, 1939.

A leader must be placed on a HQ of the same nationality (with one exception). The exception is Rommel. He can be assigned to an Italian HQ and modify battles as long as at least one German unit is involved. When the HQ is activated, the leader can be placed with any attacking unit activated by that HQ and modify the number of dice rolled. A leader can be committed to defense within three hexes of his HQ. Once committed, flip the leader piece to its reverse. A leader can only affect one combat per turn. A leader adds the number of dice equal to his combat value. The die (or dice) added by an armored leader hit as an armored unit does, but only if at least one ARM unit is involved in the battle.

A leader can be lost if his side suffers an adverse affect (step loss or retreat) in the affected combat. Roll one die: On a result of 1 or 2 remove him from the game (sacked or a casualty); on a result of 3 or 4 place him in the force pool. On a result of 5 or 6 there is no effect. The German player subtracts one from this die roll, as der Führer is not very forgiving.

To bring a leader into the game the player pays 1 BRP x the leader's total rating, doubling the cost for an armor leader (so Bradley costs two BRP's, Rommel four). If you purchase a leader and already have a full complement on board you may "retire" one of your choice to the Force Pool. Leaders are placed in the nation's capital after purchase and can move by SR (not counting against the nation's limit) during that phase (between capital and HQ, or between HQ's).

Saló, home of Mussolini’s last stand. The less attractive end of Lago di Garda.

Three national leaders are included in the variant. Hitler ("Gröfaz" — Grösser Feldherr Aller Zeiten, "Greatest General of All Time," the ironic nickname bestowed by cynical Berliners in 1945) and Stalin are set up in Berlin and Moscow, respectively, at the start. They may never move from there (ignore Hitler's tours of different headquarters and hideaways for simplicity). Hitler dies if Berlin falls (or the political marker is drawn), with all the effects of the political marker. Roll one die for Stalin if Moscow is captured. He dies fighting on 1 through 3, otherwise the Soviet player may re-deploy him to any other objective city in the Soviet Union. Repeat this roll if the new capital is captured. If the Republic of Saló is created place Mussolini in Milano. He flees to Switzerland (remove him from the game) after an Allied attack on Milano, regardless of whether it is captured or not.

Order of Appearance


  • At Start: O'Connor
  • 1940: Wavell
  • 1941: Auchinleck
  • 1942: Montgomery


  • At Start: Georges
  • 1940: De Gaulle


  • At Start: Patton
  • 1943: Clark
  • 1944: Bradley, Devers


  • At Start: Stalin, Budenny, Voroshilov
  • 1940: Timoshenko
  • 1941: Zhukov
  • 1942: Konev, Vasilevsky
  • 1943: Rokossovsky
  • 1944: Malinovsky


  • At Start: Gröfaz, Guderian, Kleist, Rundstedt
  • 1940: Bock
  • 1941: Rommel, Kluge
  • 1942: Manstein
  • 1943: Hoth, Model
  • 1944: Kesselring


  • At Start: Graziani
  • 1941: Garoboldi, Messe
  • 1943: Guzzoni
  • Variable: Mussolini

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