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Unhappily Ever After: The War of the Dragon
A Scenario for Tears of the Dragon
By Mike Bennighof, Ph.D.

In Tears of the Dragon, players chase around the map in order to obtain ancient wisdom and seek to free Erynmil, the Dragon princess, from her ancient captivity. The man who does so (like all such tales, it’s a pretty anthrocentric one) will gain great powers. But what happens afterwards? Will the loser just sit back and take it?

The new scenario takes place after the race has been won. Lord Gorganun has married the princess; Lord Forseti has armed himself in fear of what great strength his long-time rival might now wield. The stage is set for renewed war.



All units from Tears of the Dragon are available, including Terromax the Dragon (who follows Lord Gorganun from the game’s start). In addition, the Forseti player adds the 12 Knights of Santiago from Granada: The Fall of Muslim Spain. These function just like cavalry units in Tears of the Dragon.

Each player alternates placing one unit or leader on the map. A unit may not be placed in an area containing enemy units or leaders. The Forseti player places the first unit. Note the victory conditions; please don’t lose the game during set-up.


Special Rules

1. Terromax, the Dragon. Ignore the rules for Terromax going berserk and keeping him under control. With Erynmil now married to Lord Gorganun, Terromax is quite content to fight for her cause.

2. Lost Wisdom. All lost wisdom has been recovered. Ruins yield no special game advantage.

3. Erynmil’s Power. All Gorganun wizards begin the game with their maximum number of spells. The Gorganun player chooses which additional spells they know.

4. Forseti Experience. Each Forseti wizard knows one spell in addition to those listed in the game rules for initial set-up. The Forseti player chooses which additional spell each knows.

5. The Dragon Sea. No unit may move by sea.


The player who controls all six castles at any point in the game immediately wins.


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