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Third Reich:
Son of Ataturk

By Mike Bennighof, Ph.D.
December 2013

When Mustafa Kemal founded the modern Turkish Republic in 1922, one of his lessons was that Turkey must have strong, modern armed forces. While he and his successors tried to implement this goal, it proved very tough to manage. As a dependent economy, Turkey had to buy all of her weaponry and other equipment abroad. Efforts to establish a local industrial base had mixed success; Turkey lagged in production of armored vehicles, but by 1938 was producing licensed aircraft.

We can improve the Turkish armed forces in Third Reich as the Ghazi wished, with some pieces you can download and cut-and-paste. Note that Turkey would have to be an active minor to undergo these changes, unless the variant player rules from the Guide are in use.

Ground Units

The new set has eight 3-3 INF. Two can be added to the force pool at a cost of 2 BRP each (in addition to the cost to build them; this is just to get them into the force pool). Each turn, one 1-3 INF can be upgraded to 3-3 at a cost of 3 BRP. The Turkish special lower cost for INF does not apply to these units and if eliminated they may only be rebuilt at the cadre level (return the corresponding 1-3 unit to play in its place).

The set also has two 4-5 ARM units. Remove the 2-5 ARM from play. Each turn, one of the 1-4 CAV units can be upgraded to a 2-5 ARM cadre at a cost of 6 BRP. It may be brought to full strength later.

Flying Turks

Turkey now has two 5-4 TAC units and some breakdown counters for them. One TAC can be added to the force pool each turn, at a cost of 2 BRP (plus the cost to build).

Alternatively, the controlling major power can return one of its TAC factors to its force pool and add one Turkish TAC factor to the Turkish force pool.

There’s also a single Turkish jet factor. If the controlling major power has Jets, it can return one of its JET factors to its force pool and add the Turkish JET factor to the Turkish force pool. There’s no logical reason a player would do so, but the Turkish jet looked very, very cool.

Sword of the Sea

With eight submarines, Turkey deserved a SUB factor in the original game. Add one to the Turkish At Start forces, and one to the force pool.

More Politics

We’re also adding a new political event to help hamper Turkey. Note that this also dilutes the pool of available markers, changing the dynamics of game play.

Kurdish Revolt

Kurds rise against the Ankara government. If Turkey is an active minor, one Turkish ground unit must be placed in Diyarbakir (4318). Turkey loses 5 BRP each turn the Kurds are in revolt and Diyarbakir is unoccupied. At the end of each turn, the player controlling Turkey rolls one die. On a result of 6, the revolt is crushed. Add one to the result for each Turkish ground unit within Turkey, east of hexes numbered 43xx.

If Turkey is not active when this marker is drawn, return it to the container and draw another.

Download Turkish counters here.

You can order Third Reich right here.