Panzer Grenadier:
1940 The Fall of France
Playbook Edition

In the spring of 1940, the French Army appeared invincible. They awaited the expected German offensive with great confidence, ready to repel their ancient foes and overwhelm them in 1941 with a massive wave of new armored divisions. Instead it was the German panzers that did the overwhelming. Despite heroic efforts in which over 90,000 French soldiers lost their lives, within six weeks France had fallen.

1940: The Fall of France is a stand-alone game in the Panzer Grenadier series: You do not need any other game in the series to play any of the 40 scenarios. Design is by wargame veteran Philippe Leonard of Belgium, who has crafted scenarios involving the French Army on the attack and on the defense, with units ranging from the elite Foreign Legion and Coloniale to the pitiful second-line reserves.

Pieces include the huge array of French armor: S35 cavalry tanks, B1-bis heavy tanks, FT17, R35, R40, H39. H35 and FCM 36 light tanks. Panhard, AMR33, P16 and AMR35 armored cars and reconnaissance tanks. Plus the bizarre C2 multi-turreted heavy tank. Plus many types of troops and support weapons, from motorcycle troops and horsed cavalry through the awesome 155mm GPF rifle.

The Germans receive their full set of panzers, from the puny PzKw I through the PzKw IIIE and 38t. There are vehicles not seen before in the Panzer Grenadier series like the SiG33 assault gun, and a set of pieces for Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschland in their own colors.


And you get eight mapboards and 660 pieces. The game comes in Playbook format (that is, with a book and not a box).


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Add More Fun!

1940: The Last Days of May
A set of 11 scenarios from the final days of the German invasion of France, with two battle games to link them together. You’ll need 1940: The Fall of France and Road to Dunkirk to play them. $12.99

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Swallows of Death
An expansion book for 1940: The Fall of France, focused on the exploits of Moroccan troops. With 35 new scenarios and 88 new die-cut, silky smooth pieces showing the Moroccans in their own special color scheme plus elite French recon troops, horsed machine-gun units, the unusual WT15 tank destroyer and the crack horsed cavalry of the Spahis Marocains. $34.99 This book is not yet available.

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La Campagne 1940
      1940: Road to Dunkirk (boxed)
      1940: The Fall of France (Playbook ed)
      1940: The Last Days of May
      1940: Swallows of Death
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