The Fourth Great War:
Campaigns in Space Volume 2a

Napoleon at Alpha Centauri

Since its restoration, the French Empire has led the human race in science, art and culture. Taking these gifts into the cosmos was the natural next step. In the year 2105, the French colonies on Proxima B, the Earth-like planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri, have come under attack by aliens – odd creatures known as “Furries” who mix the attributes of both animal and human. Emperor Napoleon XII has sworn to defend the French nation wherever it may be found, and has taken ship for Alpha Centauri along with his elite Imperial Space Guard, Space Grenadiers and Space-War Elephants to repel the invasion.

Napoleon at Alpha Centauri is both an alternative history game, in that it posits a reality where Napoleon’s Empire has been restored to its destined power and prestige, and a science fiction game, in that it takes place in the future and in outer space. Operations both on the planet surface and in space itself are part of the game, as Napoleon XII tries to retain control of the colonies while the mutant horse-people, fox-people and penguin-people fight to wrest them away. When not engaged in pony play.

Napoleon at Alpha Centauri includes a whole lot of playing pieces that we found in our warehouse, most of which originally appeared in our Eylau and Survival of the Witless games. There are five maps, most of which originally appeared in our Afrika Korps, Desert Rats and Gettysburg games. And you get sixteen decks of Airlines3 cards, because we have to get rid of those ego monuments somehow. You get one rulebook, the same as that found in our Infantry Attacks series games, or that would be found in them if we had any of them in print, and two dice that we found in a big pile alongside the creek running behind our warehouse. You may want to wash those before use.

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  • Time: How the hell should we know? We don't play these things.
  • Number of Players: 14
  • Scale: 4.1 light years
  • Playing Pieces: A lot of them.
  • Playing Board: Five maps
  • Rules: 32 pages, 242 scenarios
  • Difficulty Level: 5 of 5
  • Solitaire Play: Yes.

Price: $29.99

Status: Available Now!