Infantry Attacks:
The Arab Revolt

Ottoman Turkey declared war on Russia, Britain and France on 11 November 1914, officially spreading the conflict to the Black Sea, the Caucasus Mountains and across the Middle East. But it did not bring war to the Arabian Peninsula - there, conflicts had been raging for a century and a half, since Muhammad ibn Sa’ud’s warriors and Muhammed ibn Abd-al-Wahhab’s religious movement forged an alliance in 1744.

Tribal warfare entered the international stage in 1916, when the Hashemite Sharif of Mecca - an inveterate foe of the Sa’udis - led the so-called Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turks. While the Hashemites fought alongside the British, the Sa’udis continued their struggle with the Rashidi Emirate and did not join the effort to expel the Ottomans. By 1932 all of Arabia had fallen under Sa’udi domination.

The Arab Revolt is an Infantry Attacks expansion book based on fighting in Arabia between 1902 and 1926. The Arab Revolt is the centerpiece of the book, as the Hejazi forces fight alongside the British against the Ottomans. But we also look at the struggles between the Sa’udis and the Ottoman-sponsored Rashidi Emirate, and the Sa’udi conquest of the Kingdom of Hijaz. Rounding out of the book is the story of the little-known campaign in Yemen as the Turks unsuccessfully attempted to conquer the British colony of Aden.

These campaigns are not like other Infantry Attacks games and books. Strength is measured in terms of desert power: cavalry and camelry. The action moves very fast when everyone’s mounted, and the handful of modern heavy weapons (artillery and machine guns) and be devastating when properly applied.

There are 36 scenarios and six battle games tying them together, plus of course the historical background you’ve come to expect in an Avalanche Press book. And you get 88 new die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces.

The Arab Revolt is not a complete game. You’ll need Sinai-Palestine to enjoy the scenarios.


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