Panzer Grenadier
Black Sea Marines
A Campaign Study
Soon after the 1941 Axis attack on the Soviet Union, the Black Sea Fleet’s tough Marine battalions went into action against the invader. Long-service professionals trained in ground combat, they took the lead in amphibious operations and the stalwart defense of key strategic points. The Germans would come to call them “Black Death,” due to their black uniforms.

Black Sea Marines is a Panzer Grenadier Campaign Study, with 11 scenarios based on the land battles of the Black Sea Fleet Marines in the dark days of 1941 against German and Romanian invaders. There are two chapters, each with a battle game to link the scenarios together. You’ll need Panzer Grenadier: Fire in the Steppe, Armata Romana and River Battleships to play all of the scenarios.


The Black Sea Fleet Marines
Marine pieces (from River Battleships)
Soviet Armored Trains
Design Notes
Scenario Preview, Part One
Scenario Preview, Part Two

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River Marines
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