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Celtic Age

Role-playing The Myths,
Heroes & Monsters of the Celts

Our most ambitious role-playing supplement, Celtic Age won the 2002 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement. It’s intended to give the game master everything needed to build a Celtic campaign world, or to add Celtic trappings to an existing one. Gamers love their Celts, and this book has been our best seller despite appearing at the tail end of the d20 revolution.

A collaboration of Origins Award-winning game designer John R. Phythyon Jr. and award-winning historian Mike Bennighof, Celtic Age’s 12 chapters are stuffed with Celtic lore, new creatures, new classes and more. This is the book that will give your campaign world that special aura that has kept Celtic culture alive two millennia after the Roman conquest.

Here’s the outline:

Chapter One. Celts in History.
Background on the origins of the Celts, and particularly their bloody wars with the Romans.

Chapter Two. The Celtic World.
The various lands where Celts live in the era from about 50 BC to 50 AD, from Eiren (Ireland) to Galatia (central Turkey).

Chapter Three. Celtic Society.
The sharp social divisions among the Celts, and how this affects game play. Economics gets covered, trade patterns, and the Celtic notions of prestige — to rise to the top, chop off some heads!

Chapter Four. Celtic Life.
What Celts eat, how they dress, their homes and their fortresses. How they brush their teeth with stale urine and kill themselves rather than get fat. We’ve also got game rules for hair loss: surely a first for role-playing.

Chapter Five. Celts at War.
How the Celts fight, their weapons, their methods. And their warrior societies like the Fianna Eirinn or the fierce Wild Women, the female guardians of the Druids and sacred groves.

Chapter Six. Celtic Women.
One of the reasons gamers love Celts is the comparatively important spot women occupy in society: they are equal before the law and do at times go to war. Female characters thus can take on a full role in game play while remaining true to a historical setting. Here we look at women and the law, women and children, and women at war.

Chapter Seven. Celtic Learning.
Celts are known for their music and poetry, and the wandering bards who spread them. The most honored bards of all, the fili, can even kill with a well-placed insult. We look at geasa, the obligations placed on Celts with such power that a Celt would sooner die than break one.

Chapter Eight. The Ascended.
The gods of the Celts: a description of each, how they interact with mere mortals, and game rules for their use.

Chapter Nine. Celtic Characters.
To play a Celt, you’ve got to have rules. There are three new classes here. The Celtic Druid is true to the actual Druid, unlike the so-called “Druid” of fantasy. There’s also a Coraiocht, a sort of Celtic wrestler, and the Fili, that bard of great spoken powers. And there are three new prestige classes corresponding to the three great warrior societies of the Celts: Fianna, Gaestatae and Wild Women.

Chapter Ten. New Rules for Celts.
The crunchy bits all players love. Ten new feats, including our favorite, “Fighting Drunk.” Rules for consuming alcohol and for severing heads (thus gaining an enemy’s power!).

Chapter Eleven. Celts and Animals.
All the animals the Celts loved and hated. Cattle, the object of raids. Bees, makers of honey. Dogs, loved by all Celts. Geese, the enemies of naked warriors. Salmon, fey creatures with arcane knowledge. Horses, loved and worshipped by Celts. The boar, bear and aurochs, all objects of the hunt. Where else are you going to get RPG stats for a chicken?

Chapter Twelve. Celtic Monsters.
The Celtic world was loaded with vile creatures, and we’ve got them as well: pookas, black dogs, glaistigs, Fomorians and more.
Celtic fairies deserved their own book, and we addressed them the way the Celts saw them in the Celtic Age supplement, The Little People.

Celtic Age is d20 System compatible. Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast.

Components: 192 pages, soft bound.

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