Panzer Grenadier:
Changsha Operation

At dusk on Christmas Eve 1941, the Imperial Japanese Army’s 11th Army began a renewed offensive against Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province. What was intended as a diversion to keep the Chinese from interfering with the Japanese attack on Hong Kong became a major operation of its own. The six Chinese armies (each the size of a small Western corps, with very little artillery and no armor) of the IX War Zone met the Eastern Sea Demons and drove them back, nearly encircling 11th Army and causing a general retreat.

Changsha Operation comes with 88 new pieces and eight new scenarios, all based on this crucial World War Two battle. It introduces the Chinese National Revolutionary Army (the central government’s army) to the Panzer Grenadier series; they have lots of infantry, some mortar and machine-gun platoons, and not much else. Artillery was held at army level; the Chinese divisions at Changsha had none of their own.

Panzer Grenadier: Changsha Operation is a free expansion set exclusively for our Gold Club. It’s a download; you’ll have to assemble the pieces yourself. The Japanese come from The Kokoda Campaign (we also included them as a download), and the maps from Korean War: Pusan Perimeter and Korean War: Counter Attack.

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Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.


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