Infantry Attacks
The Chihuahua Incident, 1916
In the spring and summer of 1916, American troops crossed into Mexico in pursuit of Francisco "Pancho" Villa, whose troops had sacked Columbus, New Mexico following a dispute with an arms dealer based there. After several small clashes, the biggest battle of the campaign came not against Villa's Division del Norte, but another force also on Villa's trail: the Mexican Federal Army.

Just what happened at Carrizal in June 1916 is not clear: Mexican and American accounts vary wildly. What is clear is that two dozen American cavalrymen were taken prisoner and up to 50 soldiers on both sides were killed including the "Hero of Carrizal," the 29-year-old Mexican commander Gen. Felix Uresti Gomez. Only the looming war in Europe prevented open war between the two North American nations.

The Chihuahua Incident is an expansion set for the Infantry Attacks series. You will need any other game in the series to supply the rules, plus one map from our old Road to Berlin game.

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