The Danish War:
Denmark Faces Austria and Prussia, 1864

In 1864, the German Confederation launched a war to eject the Danes from the disputed province of Schleswig. The Confederation had no fleet, and the Danish Navy decisively out-gunned the small Prussian squadron. An Austrian squadron then steamed out of the Adriatic around Europe to challenge the Danes, resulting in the Battle of Helgoland, while the Prussians met them in the Battle of Jasmund.

The Danish War is the introductory game to our Ironclads series, a set of games based on naval combat in the mid-19th Century, a time of rapid technological change. Ships range from fully-protected, iron-hulled armored vessels through wooden sailing frigates little changed over the preceding century.

The Ironclads game system is similar to Great War at Sea; fleets maneuver on the operational map and when they make contact, battle is resolved on the tactical map. There, ships move to obtain the best firing arcs, with armored ships holding a serious advantage (because they have armor).

The Danish War covers the 1864 naval campaign between Austria and Prussia on one side and Denmark on the other. It includes the ships that fought in the battles of Helgoland and Jasmund, and others that were present or could have been there but did not participate.

The Danish War follows the story-arc format of our more recent naval games, using the operational and battle scenarios to tell its story with plenty of historical background stuff tying them together. Like Hearts of Iron, it’s based on years of archival research.

The Danish War is published in our Playbook format, and includes:
Ironclads series rules.
• 11x17-inch Operational Map.
• 22x22-inch Tactical Map.
• 18 scenarios
• 90 pieces: 50 double-sized ship pieces, 40 normal-sized ones.

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