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Great War at Sea:

The Siegfried LineThe smallest warships capable of operations on the high seas (and thus considered part of the battle fleet), destroyers proved to be extremely valuable to World War One navies. Destroyers performed every conceivable mission, from convoy escort to shore bombardment to surface battle.

Destroyers appear in every Great War at Sea game, but the size of their playing pieces in no way reflect their importance either in game terms or in naval history. That gets fixed with Destroyers: 420 “long” pieces replacing the 1/2-inch square pieces in Jutland, Cruiser Warfare, Mediterranean, Cone of Fire, Black Waters, Sea of Troubles, Black Waters, Dreadnoughts and Reichsmarine.

Destroyers includes three full sheets of pieces, both front and back. British, Imperial Germans, Weimar German, Brazilian, Chilean, Swedish, Austro-Hungarian, Romanian, Japanese, French, American, Danish and Estonian boats are included, and more besides. This is the ultimate add-on for any Great War at Sea fan.

Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.


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Price: FREE

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