Soldier Emperor:
Dreams of Empire

Land War in Asia, 1759 - 1825

War ravaged the globe during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Europe saw the French Revolution and then the Napoleonic Wars, while India underwent the struggles of powerful local dynasties against both one another and European invaders.

In South-East Asia, the kingdoms of Burma, Siam and Viet-Nam fought one another, the British and the Chinese Qing Empire, while the Qinglong mounted his Ten Great Campaigns to expand Chinese rule to the west, south-west and south against the Dzunghar Empire, Burma, Nepal and Viet-Nam.

Soldier Emperor: Dreams of Empire is a complete game in the Soldier Emperor game system, based on these wars for Asia with over a dozen scenarios featuring two to four players (Burma, Siam, Nepal, Viet-Nam, Dzunghar, Qing – not all of them appear in every scenario). You can play it separately, or you can combine it with Soldier Emperor: Indian Empires to play across all of Asia. Or you can combine it with Indian Empires and Soldier Emperor for a massive yet easy-to-play game stretching from Galway to Guangdong.

Soldier Emperor: Dreams of Empire also includes a map of Central Asia, playing pieces and playing cards that link Soldier Emperor and Indian Empires – you can also play those two games together without the rest of Asia. The play opportunities are boundless.

Soldier Emperor: Dreams of Empire includes:

• Two maps (one of Central Asia, one of East Asia).
• Sixty giant tiles representing fleets and armies.
• Sixty-four merely large playing pieces representing leaders and markers.
• Sixty-four high-quality poker-style playing cards.


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