Dreams of Empire
A Player’s Guide to Soldier Emperor and Indian Empires

Napoleon’s 1803 coronation as Emperor of the French touched off a world-wide series of wars, that lasted until his second and final exile in 1815. Our Soldier Emperor game lets you play out the campaigns in Europe, while Indian Empires covers those in, you guessed it, India.

Dreams of Empire is a 64-page book that brings those two games together, with a linking map covering the Persian Empire and the Central Asian khanates of Khiva, Kokand and Bokhara, plus some pieces of Afghanistan and other regions. And new pieces to represent the armies and leaders of these distant lands.

And there’s more: like additional scenarios for each game. For Soldier Emperor, we have the war that would have broken out in 1815 had Napoleon not returned from Elba to re-unite his quarreling enemies. For Indian Empires, we have the 1760 Afghan-Maratha War, which resulted in the massive Battle of Panipat, and the Seven Years’ War in India featuring the conquests of Robert Clive.

And there are more new variants for both Soldier Emperor and Indian Empires, like National Aspirations to give each power their own special victory conditions and special abilities for each major power. These make every country very different to play, and not just because of their geographical position. There are new Imperial Power rules, and a whole assortment of additional special rules just because they make the games even more fun to play.


  • One 64-page book
  • One 22x17-inch map
  • 40 one-inch-square tiles
  • 64 merely-oversized playing pieces


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Price: $44.99

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