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Strategy in
Defiant Russia




“Marshal, the Russians have done us great harm.”
—Napoleon to Marshal Soult

In the fall of 1806, the French Emperor Napoleon crushed the Prussian army and state in the twin battles of Jena and Auerstadt. The pitiful remnants of the Prussian army fell back to the east to join up with their Russian allies while Napoleon ordered his troops into winter quarters.

Hoping to catch the French unawares, the Russian commander Lev Bennigsen launched his troops forward into Poland in the dead of winter. The Russians surprised the French, but Napoleon recovered quickly and staved off disaster. Guided by captured French plans, the Russians fell back to the East Prussian village of Eylau to await the French. On the morning of 8 February 1807, the French attacked them there amid a howling snowstorm.

Superior Russian artillery inflicted massive casualties on the French, virtually annihilating the French VII Corps when it blundered into the gun line. A “grand charge” of 80 squadrons, one of the largest cavalry charges in military history, restored the situation for the French.

During the night the Russians pulled back, ending this battle in which both sides claimed victory. Though the French held the field, they had lost as many as 25,000 of their 75,000 men engaged against 15,000 of the 75,000 Russians.

Eylau re-creates this ferocious battle. The map is divided into areas, which cleverly channel unit movement along lines dictated by the terrain. Units represent infantry divisions, artillery batteries and cavalry regiments. The infantry divisions must fit into the areas they occupy.

Leaders play a key role as well, activating formations and leading them into action. Victory will belong to the player who can best utilize his or her leaders.

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Eylau Includes:

  • 360 Counters (80 1 inch long infantry counters, 280 Regular 1/2 inch counters)
  • One 23 x18 inch map
  • 12 Page Rulesbook (new)
  • Three Battle Scenarios

STK #0103

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