Infantry Attacks:
Edelweiss Division

In August 1914, the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Army’s finest division marched out of Salzburg and Linz to confront the Russians in Poland. Through four and a half years of bitter warfare, the 3rd “Edelweiss” Mountain Division racked up an astonishing record of battlefield successes, even as the Empire it served finally crumbled around it.

Edelweiss Division is an expansion for Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires, featuring 88 new die-cut, mounted pieces displaying the division’s units in their own special color scheme PLUS the Polish Legion. There are also 30 new scenarios from the December 1914 Battle of Limanowa, and four “battle games” that link them together, and the stories of the battle, the Edielweiss Division and the Polish Legion.

Edelweiss Division is not a complete game; you’ll need is included in the book plus Fall of Empires and Franz Josef’s Armies to play all 30 scenarios (and the battle games).

• 88 die-cut pieces
• One 64-page book

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