Panzer Grenadier: Elsenborn Ridge

In late December, 1944, German panzers rolled into the wooded hills of the Ardennes in eastern Belgium, striking a final blow against the American troops forcing their way toward German territory. Elsenborn Ridge covers the fierce fighting on the “north shoulder” of the Battle of the Bulge between the U.S. First Army and the German Sixth SS Panzer Army and Fifth Panzer Army. The heroic stand at St. Vith by 7th Armored Division, the “panzer graveyard” of Krinkelt, the destruction of 1st SS Panzer Division — it's all here, and more.

Elsenborn Ridge is a stand-alone game in the Panzer Grenadier series: You don’t need any other game in the series to play any of the 35 scenarios. These include fierce tank battles and infantry actions, including the failed drive of Jochen Peiper’s battle group toward the Meuse River, 3rd Armored Division’s destruction of 2nd SS Panzer Division, the American stand along Elsenborn Ridge and the collapse of the 106th Infantry Division.

Pieces include American paratroopers, German Tiger II tanks, American P47 fighter-bombers, German Nebelwerfer rocket launchers, and much more. Both German regular army and Waffen SS troops are present. There are four semi-rigid mapboards, created by artist Guy Riessen.

Elsenborn Ridge’s Playbook edition has completely revised scenarios, with eight battle games to link them together. It comes with a scenario book and everything else you need to play expect for dice and a box.


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Black Panther Package
      Elsenborn Ridge
      Black Panthers
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Winter Wonderland

Black Panthers
The segregated African-American 761st Tank Battalion fought Jim Crow and the Nazis. This expansion for Elsenborn Ridge has 24 new playing pieces for the Black Panthers, with scenarios and history about the 761st and other segregated units that courageously fought for their country. $29.99

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Panzer Grenadier: Spearhead Division
Twenty-five new scenarios for Elsenborn Ridge (and only for Elsenborn Ridge) focused on the U.S. Army's crack 3rd "Spearhead" Armored Division, with four "battle games" linking them together plus 88 die-cut, silky smooth playing pieces showing the Spearhead Division in its own special livery. $34.99

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Winter Wonderland
The four maps from Elsenborn Ridge, but in a snow-covered scheme for that cold December feeling. $19.99

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