Second World War at Sea:
The Emperor’s Sword

In the years before the Second World War exploded, both the United States and the Empire of Japan expanded their fleets and air forces, planning to build even more new ships and planes. The outbreak of war scuttled many of these drawing-board vessels, but that hasn’t kept us from adding them to Second World War at Sea.

The Emperor's Sword is a massive expansion set for Second World War at Sea, taking place in the alternative history setting we’re calling The Long War. It features the ships and planes planned by the Japanese, pitting them against the United States Navy and the additional ships and planes of its own building plans.

You get 840 brand-new die-cut and silky-smooth pieces: 280 double-sized pieces for ships and 560 standard-sized ones for aircraft and small vessels.

The Japanese player gets:
● A full new set of next-generation carrier planes including the A7M fighters, D4Y dive bombers and B6N and B7A torpedo planes.
● The additional three Yamato-class battleships laid down or ordered.
● The follow-on “Super-Yamato” battleships.
● The huge A140 and A150 type battleships and B64 and B65 type battle cruisers
● The follow-on heavy cruisers of the Improved Tone and Improved Takao types.
● The projected large and small anti-aircraft cruisers to defend carrier task forces.
● The projected additional aircraft carriers of the earlier classes.
● The designed but never ordered G6 and G8 type aircraft carriers.
● The additional projected destroyers of the Shimakaze type, the Improved Yugumo type, and the Akizuki anti-aircraft destroyers.
● The projected flight deck cruisers.

The American player gets:
● An alternative set of aircraft designed but never mass-produced like the FL1 Airabonita and F5F Skyrocket fighters and TBY Sea Wolf torpedo plane and B-19 and B-35 bombers.
● The projected flight deck cruisers.
● The additional battleships and aircraft carriers FDR chose not to order in the 1930’s.
● The Montana class battleships.
● The additional units of the New Jersey class laid down but not completed.
● The Alaska-class battle cruisers.
● The never-completed battleship BB47 Washington in both battleship and projected aircraft carrier form.
● The projected XCV conversions of passenger liners into front-line aircraft carriers.
● The proposed small light cruiser of 1938.
● The Cleveland-class light cruisers converted to aircraft carriers, in cruiser form.
● The projected additional Somers-class destroyers.

Plus thirty new scenarios so you can play with all of those ships and planes.

The Emperor’ Sword isn’t playable by itself; you'll need Midway Deluxe Edition and South Pacific.


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