Infantry Attacks
Estonia’s Freedom War

Following the collapse of the Russian Empire, Estonia declared its independence. To secure this new freedom, the Estonian Army fought a valiant defensive campaign against vastly superior forces on two fronts. With the help of its western allies, most notably Britain, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, the brave Estonian Army rapidly built up its strength and experience while fighting furiously for every meter of ground. They successfully held off the Soviet Western Front offensive, as well as crushing the Estonian Red Army, the Red Latvian Riflemen, and multiple Baltic-German armies between 1918 and 1920. Their triumphant bid for freedom established the Republic of Estonia’s sovereignty amid the quagmire of World War One’s aftermath and the Russian Civil War. On Feb. 2, 1920, the Treaty of Tartu finalized their independence.


Estonia’s Freedom War is a downloadable supplement for Infantry Attacks: August 1914 second edition, with 10 new scenarios portraying the key battles that enabled little Estonia to fend off the Russian giant and establish her independence from Russia for the first time since the Great Northern War in 1710. We also provide you with 165 new playing units depicting the Estonian military and Red Russians, Red Estonians, and Red Latvians from the Civil War period. Estonia’s Freedom War is not a complete game: ownership of Infantry Attacks: August 1914 second edition (and only Infantry Attacks: August 1914 second edition, not the first) is necessary to provide the rules, charts, markers and game boards.


Scenario Preview, Part One

Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.

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