Panzer Grenadier
Fire in the Steppe:
Battles in Ukraine, 1941

On 22 June 1941, the German Army Group South and Romanian Army Group Antonescu invaded Ukraine as part of a massive surprise attack against the Soviet Union. The Southwest Front of the Red Army of Workers and Peasants struck back, resulting in history’s second-largest tank battle (after Kursk).

Fire in the Steppe is a complete Panzer Grenadier game based on the early battles of Operation Barbarossa in Ukraine: the huge tank battles around Brody and Dubno, the Romanian assault on Kishinev, the bitter siege of Odessa, the disastrous encirclement of Kiev, and much more. There are 60 scenarios based on these battles, organized into “battle games” that allow you to play the scenarios in sequence toward your army’s operational goals.

Fire in the Steppe includes 660 playing pieces, most of which originally appeared in our old out-of-print Eastern Front game. There are eight heavy cardstock maps: new versions of those which appeared in Eastern Front, with completely new artwork by Guy Riessen so they match up nicely with those from games like Broken Axis and Burning Tigers.

Stuff Included:

  • Sixty scenarios.
  • Eight rigid cardstock maps.
  • 660 playing pieces.

STK #0333

Price: $79.99

Status: Coming Soon!

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